Brook HalesThe LDS Church released their annual statistical report at the April 2013 General Conference and we thought we’d pass some of their info on for our readers!

For those of you who wonder if your efforts in witnessing to family and friends are making a difference, be encouraged!  The word is getting out and on this glorious day when we celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection let your spirits be uplifted knowing that He’s hearing our prayers! 

Members 2013 – 15,082,028

Members 2012 – 14,782,373


Net Increase – 299,655

Children of Record 2013 – 115,486

Converts Baptized 2013 – 282,945


Gross Increase 2013 – 398,431

This means there was a member loss of – 98,776

As the site I’ve listed below has pointed out this member loss includes those who have died and those who’ve left. I want to make it clear that we’re not rejoicing in the loss of someone’s life as that isn’t a good thing. We are rejoicing though over the number of people in that group who’ve accepted Jesus into their lives and have left the Church!

This is the biggest loss of members since 1982! For more info on LDS stats over the past few decades check out Mormon Information.

Ed Decker mentioned in his April 2014 newsletter that he can’t keep up with the e-mails from people who wrote to tell him they’re leaving the Church. I know that we’ve had a large increase in the number of people who’ve contacted us asking for help as well. For that we proclaim Thank You Jesus, Praise Your Holy Name!