Mormon Dilemma 410

19 October

Earth Will be Resurrected because It Keeps the Law

Doctrines of Salvation 1:73; “This earth is living and must die, but since it keeps the law it shall be restored through the resurrection by which it shall became celestialized and the abode of celestial beings. The next verse of this revelation explains this as follows: “For all old things shall pass away, and all things shall become new, even the heaven and the earth, and all the fulness thereof, both men and beasts, the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea; And not one hair, neither mote, shall be lost, for it is the workmanship of mine hand”” – Joseph Fielding Smith


Proverbs 18:7; “A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.”

Does the earth think on its own or have a mind to do so? Who’s in control here? Is it God or the very things He created???

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