Mormon Dilemma 217

08 April

Adam and Eve Had No Blood; Before the fall, Adam and Eve had physical bodies but no blood. There was no sin, no death, and no children among any of the earthly creations. With the eating of the “forbidden fruit,” Adam and Eve became mortal, sin entered, blood formed in their bodies, and death became a part of life. Adam became the “first flesh” upon the earth (Moses 3: 7), meaning that he and Eve were the first to become mortal. After Adam fell, the whole creation fell and became mortal. Adam’s fall brought both physical and spiritual death into the world upon all mankind (Hel. 14: 16-17).” – Bible Dictionary of the LDS Church

Genesis 2:24; Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Note:  In Hebrew the word flesh means body.  So if they were commanded to multiply while still in the Garden of Eden how could they have done so without blood?  The Bible tells us that life is in the blood.  See Gen. 9:4 & 2:7.  The Hebrew word for soul is “nephesh” in 2:7.  It means a “breathing creature”. 

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