This past week the Mormon Church premiered a new Endowment film in selected temples across the country. There hasn’t been a lot of information forthcoming on this new film, but what we do know is that its approximately 12-15 minutes longer than the previous one. It has a new cast, a little more detail about the creation periods, uses the same script and has no significant changes to the rituals.

This will be the second change to the Endowment film since it first debuted in temples in 1970. The first change had significant revisions such as “death oaths” being removed and a Christian pastor no longer accompanied Satan on one of his visits to Adam and Eve.

 As a former temple-goer I would love to know a little more about the film such as, why is it longer? The two hours for the pervious film alone was hard to get through, and served as a nap time for many weary travelers who left home early that morning to make their long trip to the closest temple in the area.  And for those who don’t drift off I can’t imagine staying awake for an additional 15 mind numbing minutes.

Looking back on the time I wasted in the temple performing those ridiculous rituals because I believe God required it of me makes me so heart sick for those who are still doing it. I’m so glad, so thankful those days are behind me.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes

It you would like to watch the temple film prior to the newest one you can do so here.

When I received an e-mail from Melissa earlier today telling me about this I went to the pro-LDS chat-room she referred me to where Mormons were sharing their thoughts on this new film.

My heart sank when I read some of the comments from these people. All of the comments were in support of the new film and most if not all said they wanted to go back again just so they could watch the film. It was like I was reading a movie review instead of how God changed their lives because of the film. Or what, if any, new insights were imparted to them by the Lord as it is for Christians during a worship service.

I am perplexed at such behavior and have to wonder if their cognitive thinking is intact while sitting through these things.  The devil is indeed like a roaring lion roaming the earth…

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18