Mormon Church Buys 2% of Florida

11 November

I saw an article stating the Church just bought 2% of Florida this week.  Owning 400,000 acres of private property makes them the largest private land owner in the state. The Church didn’t say much about it, but the affiliate’s website, AgReserve, has a quote on its front page from the late Mormon prophet Gordon Hinckley stating “a safe investment where the assets of the church may be preserved and enhanced, while at the same time they are available as an agricultural resource to feed people should there come a time of need”.

Allow me to translate – the Church still has its eye on ruling something.  Whether it’s you, me or America; they just like to control stuff. They’re already the owners of several large cattle companies here in the States and from what this article states, this is probably where they’re headed with this venture in the panhandle of Florida.  If perchance the country plummets into a depression they can be the go-to people for food, resources, et al.

I’m wondering…just how comforting is it to know that if you’re a Mormon your tithe is going to business ventures the Church deems “safe investments”. Total cost was more than 500 million dollars.

Tonight the Philippines comes to mind. Three days after typhoon Haiyan the APwas reporting that as many as 10,000 are dead in one city alone.

Whenever there’s a natural disaster in the world the Church is johnny-on-the-spot to send out relief.  More times than not those “charitable contributions” are for members only – not the public at large.  Half a billion dollars.  Think about it.

You can read the article in the St. Augustine Record here.

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