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14 March

Mormon ChannelEach person that helps me out at the ministry has unique talents they bring to the table to share with the body of Christ.  Praise God for their willingness to do so!

Everyone who’s visited LAM’s site and/or blog will recognize our beloved team member Melissa who works tirelessly for me!  One of her passions is to check out what the Mormons are doing online so I wasn’t surprised when I saw her e-mail yesterday telling me she commented on the Church’s FB page for the Mormon Channel. Dear sweet Melissa!

In their incessant need to publicize themselves they’ve set up a channel sometimes using Youtube with 2-5 minute PSA’s filled with heartwarming stories of Mormons doing good things to invite the Holy Ghost’s presence into their lives.  And if you’re a Mormon these feel good goose-bump moments can happen to you as well.

Melissa found that she couldn’t refrain from commenting on one of the videos (NOT a surprise!) when a post appeared advertising the Church’s new bible videos with the caption reading ”What good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?”.

I’m posting this little tidbit today to show how the Church uses their many talented people to send out the Mormon gospel.  Their PR campaigns are legendary and this is just one of the many ways they drag people into their snares.

You can check out their page at the link below, but don’t be surprised if they ax Melissa’s post because it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve banned her from one of their sites and/or removed her comments!

Facebook Mormon Channel

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