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28 January

As an ex-Mormon I look back at the time I was still a practicing, full-fledged on fire for Joseph Smith Mormon and cringe every time I remember how I took pride in the shenanigans my family participated in during the polygamy years.

I was reflecting on Mitt’s participation in the Presidential Debate last night in Florida and wondered why the press didn’t just stop the whole thing and start asking questions.  Mr. Romney spoke of how proud he was of his heritage, his family and his father who was born in Mexico.  Mind you, all this was said while the debate was focused on immigration reforms.

Well Mr. Mitt Romney didn’t expound on his comment or explain to the audience and others on the panel that his family is not Mexican; rather his family is made up of white Americans who were fleeing from the law so they could practice polygamy.

So is he proud that they’re white or proud they were breaking the law?  Is he proud that they’re Mormon or polygamists or what exactly is he proud of? And why won’t anyone in the press stop to ask him about this pride of his?

In the links for the articles below you’ll read how wonderful Mitt is and how his father’s legacy overshadows Mitt’s daily life.  One article stated Ann Romney (Mitt’s wife) as saying his father “is the reason Mitt’s running for president”.

George Romney (Mitt’s father), was also a former presidential candidate, a governor (Michigan), and born in Mexico.  His parents fled America so they wouldn’t be prosecuted for practicing polygamy.  When George was five years old the family moved back to the states amid the violence from the Mexican Revolution.

Mitt’s grandfather, Gaskell (father of George Romney), had five wives, some of whom he married illegally after the US had prohibited polygamy in 1887 through the Edmunds-Tucker Act.

Parley Pratt (his great-great-grandfather) was an original Mormon apostle, married to twelve women and was shot and killed by the legal husband of one of his wives.

Mitt’s family, like mine, is filled with law breaking citizens who fled the country. I’m just wondering how proud you should be of law breaking family members? While my law breaking polygamist family members didn’t flee America, my notorious law-breaking uncle Butch Cassidy did, and I can’t say that I’m proud of any of their actions.

If Mitt was elected president, would he be a sympathizer of others who knowingly break the law and flee the country to avoid prosecution? Just something else to consider when you’re thinking of voting for this man…

Michelle Grim, Life After Ministries

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Corrections to original posting of Mitt Romney’s Family (Jan 2012):

I would like to humbly and publicly apologize for the erroneous information I posted in this article.  I’ve also had others asking to re-post so a notice is going out to them as well.  

The article as it is posted here and now includes the corrections. I mistakenly posted the wrong name for Mr. Romney’s grandfather, listing him as Miles instead of Gaskell. 

This may seem like a small infraction to some, but for me it’s huge so please accept my apologies and continue to rely upon this blog and Life After Ministries’ websites as a reliable and trustworthy place to obtain information about Mormonism. 

What I also found is that Mitt does have a grandfather named Miles Park Romney and a great-grandfather named Miles Romney. He also has another grandfather named Gaskell.  The grandfather who I was referring to was Gaskell and not Miles. I’ll be listing all the sites I retrieved my info from at the end of this article. 

I know from my own personal experience it’s difficult at best to keep all the names and information straight when you’re dealing with multi-generations of people who have the same name so I should have caught that!  

In addition to all that I noticed that the Washington Post and other sites have reported Gaskell Romney as only having one wife while other reputable newspapers and sites have reported Gaskell with as many as five wives. What they all agree on is that Gaskell moved to Mexico because of polygamy. 

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim, Life After Ministries

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