To the law and to the testimony: If they speak not according to this word, It is because there is no light in them.’ Isaiah 8:20

Our post today is a lesson on the layers of lies Mormons have to unravel if they want a true understanding about their faith.

I was made aware of the LDS reference via a search engine report for our blog. A footnote in one of the talks it listed came from Bruce McConkie’s encyclopedic work, Mormon Doctrine.

The way this man described Adam made my heart sick. There are no less than 16 lies about Adam in this one reference alone. Imagine being a Mormon who’s reading the article, and the Church gives a footnote like this one! Shame on them.

For the sake of brevity we’ve simply listed the lies about Adam below. For more info on the full reference, see Mormon Doctrine, pp. 13-17.

Mormon Doctrine, pp. 13-17

1.“Our knowledge about Adam, and the exalted station held by him in the eternal providences of the Almighty, begins with an understanding of his pre-existent work and mission.

2.…By his diligence and obedience there, as one of the spirit sons of God…

3.…he attained a stature and power second only to that of Christ…

4.…one of the most noble and intelligent characters who ever lived. …

5.He is the head of all gospel dispensations (Teachings, pp. 167-169)

6.the presiding high priest (under Christ) over all the earth

7.presides over all the spirits destined to inhabit this earth (Teachings, pp. 157-159)

8.holds the keys of salvation over all the earth

9.will reign as Michael, our prince, to all eternity. (D. & C. 78:16.)

10.He was baptized (Moses 6:64-66)

11.married for eternity…

12.had the fulness of the gospel (Moses 5:57-59)

13.went on to the paradise of God to await a glorious resurrection with Christ …

14.returned to earth in our day, bringing keys and authorities to the Prophet Joseph Smith (D. & C. 128:21)

15.will soon preside at the great Adam-ondi-Ahman council (D. & C. 116)

16.will reign over his righteous posterity in the Patriarchal Order to all eternity. (Doctrines of Salvation, vol. 1, pp. 90-106.)” — Bruce R. McConkie

Each item listed is horrendous, of this there’s no doubt. Personally, I take the most offense at numbers 8, and 16.

Ask your Mormon friend/loved ones what they know about Adam, and show with demonstrative evidence from the Bible what our Lord says!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18