Polygamy and the Mary Mackert Letters

Mary Mackert Letters



Mary L. Mackert

517176 Highway 95

Bonners Ferry, Idaho  83805


May 23, 2008



Family & Child Protective Services

Attn:  Lynn McFadden

622 South Oakes Street

San Angelo, Texas 76903-7013


Letter #1



To The Children From the YFZ Ranch:


In 1953 I was a little child caught up in the efforts of people that wanted to protect me from any harm or danger.  Like you, I did not understand.    For whatever reasons, I was returned to my parents. 


Since my youth, God has worked in and through my life.  He has blessed the lives of my children in marvelous ways.  He wants to bless your life, too. 


In ways we do not always understand God works wonders.  Be patient and wait upon the Lord.  He loves you and has not forgotten you. 


The Bible says that God turns the hand of the king.  He is working through the government to bless your life, trust Him.


You are my family.  I love you and am praying for you.  I sincerely desire your happiness and God’s will for your life.


I want to help you and other FLDS children.  Please call and talk to me.  I am here and ready to serve in any way. 


With God as My Helper,




Mary L. Mackert





Letter #2






Mary L. Mackert

517176 Highway 95

Bonners Ferry, Idaho  83805




May 23, 2008





Judge Barbara L. Walther

112 West Beauregard Avenue

San Angelo, Texas 76903-5850









Dear Judge Walther,




The State of Arizona, under the direction of Governor Pyle, rescued children from Short Creek, Arizona in 1953.  I was 18 months old at the time.  Public opinion and civil rights issues put pressure on the authorities and children were returned to their parents.  Because of this I grew up in the FLDS religion, entered into an arranged marriage at seventeen to a fifty-year-old man, and had five children. 




In 1984 I escaped, but not without consequences.  By order of the prophet, Rulon Jeffs, I was abducted and locked in my room for one-and-a-half days.  My husband threatened to execute me, blood atonement style.  When I would not agree to return, he reluctantly allowed me to leave “with the shirt on my back.” 




The court gave me full custody of my five boys.  Our adjustment to a society we feared has been difficult. However, my children are grateful for the courage and determination that gave them a better life.  They have grown to adulthood, have families and are happy, productive citizens. 




If the courts decide against returning these children, my hope is to see them recover from the indoctrination that enslaves them.  These are my people.  I sincerely desire their success and happiness.




I want to be of any assistance to you and others dealing with the FLDS children.  Please contact me.  I am available to serve in any capacity. 




Most Respectfully,






Mary L. Mackert



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