Marie Osmond remarries in the Mormon Temple

07 May

Las Vegas Mormon TempleAs I was checking my email today I came upon an article about Marie Osmond’s recent temple re-marriage to her 1st husband Stephen Craig. According to Mormon doctrine this means they once again qualify and are worthy to become a god and goddess. Their temple marriage and sealing ensures their exaltation and eternal life as they create and organize their own world, and procreate spiritual offspring who will then inhabit the world they created.

Knowing this I can’t help but feel a deep sadness in my heart for Marie and her new husband. They’ve been deceived into believing it’s by and through the temple they have what Christians call salvation.

 Mormons are taught it’s the temple that truly gives them eternal life and the possibility of living in the presence of the Father if they remain worthy. Not wanting to sound too off the mark from Christianity, or like they’re ignoring what Jesus did for us completely Mormons will say his sacrifice “made it possible” for them to have eternal life, but it’s up to them to push through and do the work that requires them for exaltation i.e. godhood.

In his opening remarks at the October 2010 General Conference President Thomas S. Monson noted the importance of temples to the Mormons salvation. He said:

“The ordinances performed in our temples are vital to our salvation and to the salvation of our deceased loved ones.”

Again this makes me sad and to be honest a little angry. Their doctrines very clearly teach the blood Jesus shed for them isn’t enough to give them eternal life, thereby it’s up to them to in some way make up for what he couldn’t do, and even play the part of “savoir” to their non-Mormon loved ones once they’ve passed on through temple work.

 At his crucifixion Jesus tore the veil of the temple down and Mormonism put it up again. They’ve put people in bondage to a works righteous system; it’s a system that tells them they must perform temple works to help earn their salvation. And it’s through these works they can literally pass through the veil (as show in the temple ceremony) into the Celestial Kingdom and the presence of God

I truly feel sorry for Marie, God only knows what she’s been through and is still going through after the loss of her son; I can’t imagine that type of pain. Yet, I can understand the thoughts that must go through the minds of Mormons who’ve lost loved ones as they struggle to remain worthy and live the Mormon gospel to its fullest.

Can you imagine being bound to a religion that told you seeing your deceased loved ones again was up to your worthiness, and if you faltered even a little you would be putting your eternal family unit in jeopardy? This is what Mormons deal with on a daily basis.

 I wish I could be happy to hear the news that Marie and her husband have found love again, but I can’t. I can pray for Mormons like Marie who are entrenched in this legalistic religion that they will be willing to listen to the truth about Mormonism. As always I pray Mormons will open up their hearts to the REAL gospel of Jesus Christ, and leave Joseph Smith behind.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes

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  1. Jaka March 9, 2015 at 1:35 pm #

    Each to his own. Quit judging because you make All of us Christians sound like bigots! Pray for yourself and worry about your own salvation.

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