The Many Visions of Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith was a busy guy.  He had all sorts of things going on in his life, but one of the most important activities were all those visions he kept having.  We’ve listed a few of them here.

Angels with Flaming Swords & Joseph Smith

Joseph had the oddest things happen in his life and this is one of the strangest.  He claimed that on numerous occasions an angel with a flaming sword would appear to him and command him to practice polygamy or die.  It’s odd that God never commanded anyone else on earth to do such a thing or use angels in this manner.

First Vision of Joseph Smith

We found at least 11 versions of Smith’s first vision and have listed the testimonies of those whom he shared his experiences with.  Why are there so many differing stories and why wasn’t this grand event officially recorded until 1838? Why did it take almost twenty years after his first visit of Nephi (or was that Moroni) to record this world changing event?

Joseph Smith, Nephi and Moroni

Just who visited Joseph Smith that night in his bedroom? Some LDS documents say it was Moroni and some claim it was Nephi. His mother thought it was Nephi so who are we to believe?

The Visions of Joseph Smith & Solomon Chamberlain

We compared the visions of Solomon Chamberlain and Joseph Smith. Chamberlain felt he was led by God to tell people about his vision that was remarkably similar to Joseph Smith’s and took place circa 1815 – five years before Smith’s vision of Moroni.

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