Mailbag May 2014

24 May

mailbag2Being in ministry brings blessings that go beyond what the English language is capable of  describing. And being in ministry also brings the flip side of that equation.

I typically don’t bring attention to the rude hate mail we receive because I know it’s part of the job description with this type of ministry.  However, today I’m going against the grain as they say for a handful of reasons and here’s why;

1.To use it as a public response and refute claims that I lie.  It seems there’s been quite a few Mormons who’ve chosen to go out of their way to ‘tweet’ messages and/or comment on the blog and website making outrageous claims by attacking my credibility.

2.To ask our Christian reader base to pray for these poor lost souls!

3.To encourage other Christians who are going through similar experiences right now. Of course it goes without saying that our hate mail (or fan mail as I typically call it) is nothing compared to Christians who live in countries where danger is imminent. Persecution outside the US can be a life and death situation.

Right now our ministry is dealing with at least four families who are facing tumultuous situations because of their faith in Christ so we ask that you pray for them as well! For safety and privacy reasons I can’t disclose their location or names.

4.As an example of what we receive via e-mails, comments on the blog and site and phone calls, I’ve listed the multiple tweets Melissa and I have received in the past few weeks. One of the people we had to ban from the sites has decided to harass via Twitter because he hasn’t anything else to do in life.  Pray for Shane – thanks! BTW – this has been going on regularly now for about a year.

The one thing I don’t tolerate is threats. With that in mind let me categorically state right here and now that if you write to tell me you’re a ‘Danite’ you’re crossing the line. Veiled threats of are taken seriously. If you think you’re going to try and scare us into shutting up – you’ve met the wrong person; it won’t happen.

I take great solace in His word with multiple passages that remind me we’re doing the right thing!

Matthew 5:44 – Pray for those who persecute you

John 7:7 – The world can’t hate me because it hates Jesus

John 15:18 – They hated Jesus before they hated me

Acts 5:41 – And they counted it all joy to suffer shame for His name

Romans 8:17 – I’m a fellow heir with Him

2 Timothy 1:12 – I know whom I have believed

2 Timothy 3:12 – All who live godly lives will be persecuted

Hebrews 11:35 – The world was not worthy of them

And finally 1 John 3:13-15;

“Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you. 14 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. 15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.”

The following messages have come via Twitter just since the end of March.  I can’t help but think of how exhausting it must be to lug around that amount of animosity and hatred towards someone or something.

From LAM

Inverted Stain Glass Pentagrams via @michelle_grim – 22 May

Response –

If you knew the history of the meaning of inverted pentagrams, you’d know this is a non-story. Quit lying. 01:05 AM – 22 May 14

To Melissa –

of the truth regardless of the number of times you get called out on it. – 21 May

From Melissa –

Perhaps you should tell me who you are and what you’re talking about? – 21 May

Response to Melissa –

All you need to know is I’m a Danite. Reference is to… . You and @michelle_grim need to quit lying.

(This tip of the day was referring to the LDS teaching/doctrine that murderers aren’t forgiven.)

From LAM –

Mormon Dilemma 948 Restoration Needed? – 19 May

Response to LAM –

So no restoration is needed? They are all right? And why do we even need a “New Testament” anyway since … 01:37 AM – 19 May 14

the gospel doesn’t need updating? You’re a liar and thus a servant of Satan.

From LAM –

Tip of the Day, May 18 via @michelle_grim – 18 May

(LDS teaching that God is an exalted man)

Response –

So where in the Bible does it describe the “Rapture?” 07:56 AM – 18 May 14

Is LAM a non-profit group? Shouldn’t the IRS be investigating you for political activities in your attacks on Mitt Romney?

From LAM –

Mormon Dilemma 919 Mormon Membership Down – 20 Apr

Response –

According to your own blog: Members 2013 – 15.0 million, 2012 – 14.78 mill. Net increase – 299,655. You’re a liar. 02:59 AM – 20 Apr 14

From LAM –

Jesus and the Cross – 31 Mar

(This article was about the LDS teaching in the children’s magazine ‘Friend’ of a cartoon with a little boy and three crosses.

Response –

You’re ignorant of the church and its doctrines. How long will your lying be forgiven? 7 x 77 + 1 times passed long ago.   07:22 AM – 31 Mar 14

From LAM –

Mormon Dilemma 920 Mosiah Teaches no Baptisms for – 21 Apr

Response –

And Mosiah 3:24 says that we shall be judged according to our WORKS! You failed, you vile liar!!!!!!!  12:16 AM – 21 Apr 14

From LAM –

Patriarchal Blessings – 21 Apr

Response –

So the summary of your vomitus is you’re disappointed ‘cuz your Patriarchal Blessing didn’t massage your ego? Humility fail. 12:22 AM – 21 Apr 14

From LAM –

Mormon Dilemma 941 Lies Mormon Leaders Tell – 12 May

Response –

Can we start with the lies you tell first? 03:09 AM – 12 May 14

From LAM –

Thought of the Day about Mormonism and 2 Nephi 30:6 – 12 May

Response –

Trying to understand what skin cancer has to do with this. Thanks for the laughs. It’s melanin, not melanoma you idiot.  03:13 AM – 12 May 14

From LAM –

It’s sad that a typo would evoke such a hateful response from a so-called Christian.  I obviously didn’t catch that I wrote ‘melanoma’ instead of ‘melanin’.

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