Life After Ministries News and Update

There are some major changes coming our way!!!  I wanted to be sure I keep everyone up to date with the latest events of the ministry and let our reader base know what we’re doing.  I so appreciate every single one of my followers and those who take time out of their busy days to read our postings.  It’s an encouragement for all of us here at the ministry whenever we see someone’s liked an article or commented on our site/blog.

The blog and our “regular” website will be changing – and this means soon – by the end of the month in fact.  We’ll be changing our daily posts too.  After the change you’ll see a Mormon Dilemma posted each day but in order for me to have enough hours in the day for other projects I need to cut way back on the daily tips and false prophecies that we post every day.

I’m going to assume everyone will see the Mormon Dilemmas as a tool for witnessing to your Mormon friends and loved ones.  😉  This will give me the time to finish the big projects and articles I really want to see done and provide my reader base with some informative insight into Mormonism.

I can’t walk away and leave Mormonism alone and I’ve come to embrace this in my life. So instead of fighting it with little postings every day I know the Lord is calling me to spend time on the larger issues – working directly and daily with Mormons leaving the Church, writing on things like the Kinderhook Plates or Egyptian Mummy rolls, etc.

The site will have the ability to hover over bible verses with your mouse for a quick reference as well as having many more topics to study.  The free time will also provide me w/ more time at the radio station to record our program again and provide PSA’s for here in the states and especially the African Continent.

I need your help!!!

I’d LOVE to see more video testimonies of ex-Mormons for our new site so please, please; consider doing a 5 minute video of yourself sharing your story!!  The experiences of other ex-Mormons are a very powerful encouragement to those who are leaving or thinking about leaving the Church.  Packing your bags for another way of life doesn’t happen in a vacuum and is strengthened by others.

So hang tight with me during this transition for the next couple of days and be blessed!  The stories and articles that’ll be posted here in the next few weeks are worthy of your time to read – I promise!

As a matter of fact I’m putting the final touches on an article about the school system in Utah and will post it by the end of the day.  🙂

With Love in Christ;