Lies Mormon Kids are Told

06 May

GC April 2014Reading over the latest New Era Magazine from the Church produced a horrifying experience for me the other day and the more I read the worse it became.  See New Era, May 2014

In the world of Christianity no one is a fan of lying, scamming or tricking adults so when this type of thing is played out on young people it makes things all that much worse.  Having 50+ years behind me affords me the ability to imagine what might lie ahead in the lives of these precious young people. I wonder how many of those who read their nonsense will get sucked further into their vacuum of rabbit trails or how many will leave not only the Church, but God too, as they discover the steady diet of lies and innuendos their heritage fed them.

The Church’s unconscionable behavior knows no bounds and as I read over their one liners which was supposed to provide uplifting truisms I thought to myself, ‘self, in what format will you publicize this one?’

Because I haven’t the space nor the time to list every single thing they have in their magazine we’re going to take a look at just a few of the lies they told. To see more of them you can access their site via the link above.  Here we go…

“If members learn to use the correct name of the Church in connection with the word Mormon, it will underscore that we are Christians, members of the Savior’s Church.” – Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

How is the name of your corporation going to save you and why isn’t the word Christian all by itself good enough for a self identification? Whenever Christians throughout the world use this term they never say ‘I’m a Christian Baptist’ or ‘I’m a member of the …Lutheran Synod that makes me Christian’.  Rather, whenever someone asks what faith you are members of the body of Christ simply say ‘Christian’.

Are you aware Mr. Ballard that the name over the doorway isn’t what provides salvation? Acts 4:12.

“The children of Father in Heaven can do amazing things when they feel trusted. Every child of God in mortality chose the Savior’s plan. Trust that given the opportunity, they will do so again.” – Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

1.You, us, we, nor I had anything to do with God’s plan of salvation. He did it all on His own without the help of anyone.  Thus, the name ‘God’. Genesis 1:1.

2.The words of Mr. Scott are a lie because Mormon scripture says that some of us mortals here on earth chose to be neutral and because of that, we’re black. Moses 7:8.

3.There was no pre-existence for mortal men. 1 Cor 15:44-47.

4.Why does using the name ‘Jesus’ only appear in the title of your church’s name or when you’re referring to Jesus you have to use the phrase ‘Jesus Christ’? Why is His name not used all by itself anywhere in any of the teachings?  The word ‘Christ’ is a title, not a name and it means Messiah or the ‘anointed One’. Acts 2:32-36, Matthew 16:15-16. The word Christ appears 369 times in the Bible. The word Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua (it appears 972 times) and the term Jesus Christ means Yahweh is salvation which appears 195 times.

“The more connected we feel to our righteous forefathers, the more likely we are to make wise and righteous choices.” – Elder William R. Walker of the Seventy

When I was LDS I had never heard of the word necromancy, but the teachings from this Mr. Walker fellow is just that.  The Holman Bible Dictionary defines necromancy this way;

Ancestor Worship Ancestor worship is the adoration or payment of homage to a deceased parent or ancestor. Such worship was usually reserved for deities.…This practice of ancestor worship was condemned and forbidden.
Cult of The Dead Much like ancestor worship, the cult of the dead involves adoration of the deceased. The cult of the dead goes a step beyond adoration, however, seeking to maintain or manage a relationship with the dead. The cult of the dead involves the beliefs that certain departed spirits must be fed or honored and that they can be channels of information with the spiritual world.”

As we can see this is way off limits to what God expects from us. Deuteronomy 8:19-20.

“Family commitments and expectations should be at the top of our priorities to protect our divine destiny.” – Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

This is a lie. Jesus said the most important thing we’re to do is to love and worship God. Matthew 22:36-40.

I just have two more things for this article.

1. If you’re a Christian I’m begging you to pray for these young people.  Please!  I know that if God would speak to me through His word in Utah, He can and will do that for all those who have the misfortune of being taught these false things.

2. If you’re LDS I’m humbly asking that you consider looking into the references from the Bible and see these things for yourself.  I know the Church accepts the use of the Holman Bible Dictionary so utilize this as well.

Telling lies about God is one thing, but telling lies about God and teaching them as truth to young kids is another ball game altogether.  I just have one question;


With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

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