Lehi and Joseph Sr.’s Dreams

08 August

Joseph Smith SrIn 1811 Joseph Smith, Sr. had a dream that was so vivid he shared it with his family. His wife, Lucy Mack Smith, recorded the dream in 1845 and published it in her 1853 book, Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith The Prophet and His Progenitors For Generations.

The remarkable thing about this dream is how similar it is to a dream the Book of Mormon prophet Lehi had, which of course is recorded in 1 Nephi  8.

As you’ll see below the similarities are uncanny and makes us wonder…

What are the odds that this is just another coincidence?  You can read Miss Lucy’s book here.

1 Nephi 8:5 And it came to pass that 1I saw a man, and he was dressed in a white robe; and he came and stood before me.

‘My guide, who was by my side,…’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:8 And after I had 1traveled for the space of many hours in darkness, I began to pray unto the Lord that he would have mercy on me, according to the multitude of his tender mercies.

‘I thought,’ said he, ‘I was for the space of many hours travelling….’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:9 And it came to pass after I had prayed unto the Lord I beheld a 1large and spacious field.

‘…I was traveling in an open, desolate field, which appeared to be very barren.’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:10 And it came to pass that I beheld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy.

‘…a tree, such as I had never seen before.’ (p. 58)

‘…it bore a kind of fruit,…’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:11 And it came to pass that I did go forth and partake of the fruit thereof; and I beheld that it was most sweet, above all that I ever before tasted. Yea, and I beheld that the fruit thereof was white, to exceed all the whiteness that I had ever seen.

‘I drew near, and began to eat of it,…’ (p. 58)
‘…and I found it delicious beyond description.’ (p. 58)
‘…as white as snow, or, if possible, whiter….the fruit which they contained, which was of dazzling whitness.’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:12 And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with 1exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit.

We were exceedingly happy, insomuch that our joy could not easily be expressed.’ (pp. 58-59)

‘As I was eating, I said in my heart, “I cannot eat this alone, I must bring my wife and children, that they may partake with me.’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:13 And as I cast my eyes round about, that perhaps I might discover my family also, I beheld a river of water; and it ran along, and it was near the tree of which I was partaking the fruit.

‘…I beheld a beautiful stream of water…’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:16 And it came to pass that 1they did come unto me and partake of the fruit also.

‘…I went and brought my family,…and we all commenced eating…’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:17 And it came to pass that I was desirous that Laman and Lemuel should come and partake of the fruit also; wherefore, I cast mine eyes towards the head of the river, that perhaps I might see them.

‘…look yonder, you have two more, and you must bring them also.’ (p. 59)


1 Nephi 8:19 And I beheld a rod of iron, and it extended along the bank of the river, and led to the tree by which I stood.

‘…but as far as my eyes could extend I could see a rope, running along the bank of it…’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:20 And I also beheld a strait and narrow path, which came along by the rod of iron, even to the tree by which I stood; and it also led by the head of the fountain, unto a large and spacious field, as if it had been a world.

‘Traveling a short distance, I came to a narrow path. This path I entered,…’ (p. 58)

‘…an open, desolate field, My guide…said, “This is the desolate world’…’ (p. 58)


1 Nephi 8:26 And I also cast my eyes round about, and beheld, on the other side of the river of water, a great and spacious building; and it stood as it were in the air, high above the earth.

‘…I beheld a spacious building standing opposite the valley which we were in,…’ (p. 59)
‘…it appeared to reach to the very heavens.’ (p. 59)


1 Nephi 8:27 And it was filled with people, both old and young, both male and female; and their manner of dress was exceedingly fine; and they were in the attitude of mocking and pointing their fingers towards those who had come at and were partaking of the fruit.

‘It was full of doors and windows, and they were all filled with people…’ (p. 59)
‘…who were finely dressed.’ (p. 59)


1 Nephi 8:33 And great was the multitude that did enter into that strange building. And after they did enter into that building they did point the finger of scorn at me and those that were partaking of the fruit also; but we heeded them not.

‘When these people observed us…under the tree, they pointed the finger of scorn at us,…’ (p. 59)
‘But their contumely we utterly disregarded.’ (p. 59)

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