old-testament-gospel-doctrine-teachers-manual-355700001The name of this week’s lesson is “Come to the House of the Lord” and it centers on activities that take place in the OT temple and the LDS temples today.

I’m starting this review with quoting the very last thing the teacher’s instruction manual said for lesson #30.

“Challenge class members to be more dedicated in their study of the scriptures.”

That’s pretty amazing don’t you think?  It’s funny because this statement reminded me of what they said to me on a Sunday morning back in 1972. The day after someone’s baptized they go through a “confirmation ceremony” where the local bishopric stands in a circle around the new inductee to lay hands on their head and pray over the person.

Back then they always handed the new member a KJV Bible and this is what happened to me that day. When the bishopric handed me that Bible and told me to go home and read it, I took them at their word and obeyed.  I had no idea they were being disingenuous in their instruction. The Lord’s gift eventually led me out of the Church – PTL!

Aside from my salvation, that Bible happened to be the very best gift anyone has ever given me.

In this lesson the teachers are instructed to bring in several different pictures of LDS temples that vary in architecture. They’re to point out that although the temples seem to look different everything inside the temples such as ordinances is virtually the same from one temple to the next.

They’re then instructed to tell members that “some of the practices in the temple of ancient Israel were different from what we do in latter-day temples…the purposes of ancient temples and latter-day temples are the same…”

This lesson is taken from 2 Chronicles chapters 29-34 when the evil King Hezekiah brings in false gods and rules in idolatry. After his death and the deaths of Manasseh and Amon, his great-grandson Josiah takes over.

The obvious issue this week is what’s going on in those temples of theirs.  They just glided over the fact members who utilize the LDS temples don’t perform the same ordinances or ceremonies as those in OT times as if it were no big deal and God isn’t concerned over such trivial matters.

If the practices in both sets of temples are different then how could the purpose of the temples be the same as they claim?

This has to be one of the most outrageous lies in their Sunday school lessons to date.  They’ve taken away any sign of the blood of the lamb that was sacrificed for the covering of sins in the OT which in turn flat out ignores the message that those sacrifices were the foreshadowing of Jesus who came to fulfill the Law of God.  Shame, shame, shame on them!

If they’re so intent on obeying God why are all those temples different? God gave very specific instructions on how the temple was to be built and what was to be placed inside for each individual ceremony.  Why isn’t this a big deal to them?

The first Temple built by Solomon was constructed from plans given to David by the Lord – 1 Chronicles 28:11-13. God refused David permission to build the Temple because he was a man of war (2 Samuel 7 and 1 Chronicles 17), so then David at the Lord’s instruction, took the plans and gave them to his son Solomon (1 Chronicles 28:1–19). Solomon constructed the Temple according to those plans.

The plans were specific, meticulous and fulfilled and none of those directives included necromancy.  None.

Oh how we’re praying for the Mormons who go through this class that they’ll stop and think about this lesson and begin questioning!  We strongly encourage all of them to take the teacher’s advice to go home and diligently study the scriptures!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18