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09 April

LDS SeminariesA few weeks ago I saw an article in the Salt Lake Trib I thought would be an interesting heads-up for our readers.

An op-ed was written by a woman who asked the Church to consider rephrasing part of their essay on plural marriage which included Joseph Smith’s marriage to a 14 year old little girl. In sum, Ms. Kristy Money wanted the Church to insert into the teachings that Joe Smith’s marriage was a mistake. Lo and behold, what do you know? They did!

We have two questions:


Does this mean his prophecy wasn’t from God?

You can read this interesting piece below and in case you want to see the original article with your own eyeballs, click here. Let us know what you think!

Should they have acquiesced to this request and in so doing, does it change Smith’s revelation from God?

“Op-ed: Think, seminary teachers, before acceding to church essay on Joseph Smith’s polygamy

By Kristy Money

Months ago I wrote an op-ed addressed to the writers of the LDS Gospel Topics essay on Joseph Smith’s polygamy, asking them to consider rephrasing that Joseph’s marriage to a 14-year-old ­— among other troubling aspects — was a mistake. I mentioned my concerns as a psychologist, which originated from hearing the essay would soon be incorporated into youth and LDS seminary curriculum.

And so it has. This upcoming week, 14- to 18-year-old youth will learn in seminary a revised lesson on D&C Section 132 (the section outlining the modern practice of polygamy) incorporating the essay’s justifications.”

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