Today we’re comparing the teachings in the Young Women Manual to what God says in His word! Although the Church rewrote their manuals, they’re still holding tight to their past behavior of not telling the truth.

One of the eight lesson topics in this book (Virtue) is so bad it needs to be exposed for the lie it is. Besides integrating temple endowment vocab into their manual, they also included the ungodly belief God’s greatest power is sex.

Each topic in their manual has specific assignments/projects to complete that can be worked through at the member’s own discretion, and in the order they choose.

The manual’s overview stated that projects/lessons are designed to help prepare them for their future lives as temple worthy married women, with families of their own. It also teaches them how to ‘return and report’ to their leaders of any progress they’ve made. Not only did it remind us of the Scouting Program, the same vocabulary used in their temple endowment ceremonies.

No doubt you noticed it said nothing on how to study the Bible, or learning more about Jesus…

Now for the topic at hand! Here’s what they had to say about the importance of Virtue –

“Virtue is a pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards. It includes chastity and purity. The power to create mortal life is an exalted power God has given His children…”

Exactly what is the ‘exalted power of creating mortal life’?

We couldn’t find this phrase in the Bible, but we found the phrase, ‘high moral standards’ on Google’s search engine, as well as

What about all the people on earth who obviously have this so-called exalted power without the high moral standards?

Every time a baby is born it’s proof someone is using this pseudo exalted power. Why has the Church gone out of its way to degrade our Lord in such a manner?

The manual also contained the following false doctrines. This has to be one of the most egregious things this Church teaches…

“Virtuous living “at all times and in all things, and in all places” qualifies you for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. When you are baptized and confirmed, you are given the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide all aspects of your life. Since the Holy Ghost does not dwell in unclean tabernacles, living a virtuous life is a prerequisite to having the companionship of the Holy Ghost and receiving the blessings of temple ordinances.”

In other words, having the Holy Ghost is synonymous with having a temple recommend.

If God’s Holy Spirit couldn’t dwell in ‘unclean tabernacles’, no one would ever have God’s Spirit residing inside of them. There isn’t one person on earth that’s perfect – as the Bible says ‘there is none righteous’ – Romans 3:10.

Besides all that, God doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands – Acts 7:48.

Not only is this manual for their youth group, but all women in the Church are encouraged to work through these lessons as well.

Please, talk to the Mormon you know about this, and show from the Bible how LDS teachings contradict what our dear Lord has said!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18