LDS History Revisions

28 December

Doctrines of Salvation 2:199202“The most important history in the world is the history of our Church, and it is the most accurate history in all the world, it must be so…

. . . if errors creep in it, the Lord himself will bring to pass means whereby they will be eliminated. You pick up a record of the history of the Church and that record is accurate.” – Joseph Fielding Smith

Titus 2:1 “But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine”.

Today we’re looking at empirical evidence of how the LDS Church has a problem with telling the truth. Our evidence comes from the Church itself, making it virtually impossible for them to place the blame on anyone but themselves.

This topic is one of the things that shocked me the most after my exodus. I still can’t understand how changing what happened every day makes things any better for the Church. Instead of spending time in God’s word learning more about Him, they spent an extraordinary amount of time retrofitting their own history in an effort to bolster their profile. At the end of the day all they’ve done is prove themselves to be liars.

We’ve provided a few examples below of when/how they did this, however, it’s a very small sampling of their shenanigans. According to the Tanners, the number of changes to Joseph Smith’s history exceed 62,000.

The only thing left to do is obvious. Would you trust these people? Brigham Young has proved himself to be unworthy of such a status.

Please, pray for those who sit in the Mormon history classes, whether it be in Seminary, or the adult version. We’re praying if they’re opening the books to read their leader’s writings they’ll keep turning pages and discover the truth!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

Joe Smith Would Never Hide Truth …

Joseph Smith – Seeker after Truth, p. 250 — “Joseph was sincere or he would have permitted some events to be hidden and only major concerns of the Church to come before the public. There was no undercover planning in his work-there was nothing to hide.” …

‘Simple Spirit of Truth’ … 

Joseph Smith – Seeker after Truth, pp. 256-257 “The History of the Church and the utterances therein contain, if read properly, a continued evidence that Joseph Smith told the truth…Throughout all of his writings runs the simple spirit of truth…There is in them no attempt to ‘cover up’ any act of his life…Mormon history and doctrine have been carefully preserved in the published records of the Church – and all has been published.”


‘Highest Order’ of Truth …

History of The Church 1: iii – iv — “It is important, too, that so far as possible the events which make up the history be related by the persons who witnessed them, since such statements give the reader testimony of the facts at first hand; and there is placed on record at the same time the highest order of historical evidence of the truth of what is stated. It was these considerations which induced the Church authorities, under whose auspices this history is published…”  [emp mine]


Brigham Young, and Other Church Authorities Change Joe Smith’s Writings …

History of The Church 7:389 “Tuesday, April 1, 1845.— I commenced revising the History of Joseph Smith at Brother Richards’ office: Elder Heber C. Kimball and George A. Smith were with me. President Joseph Smith had corrected forty-two pages before his massacre. It afforded us great satisfaction to hear Brother Richards read the history of the infancy of the church. Adjourned at eleven p.m. having read one hundred and forty pages in Book ‘A’.

Wednesday, 2.— Engaged at Elder Richards’ office with Elders Kimball and Smith revising Church History.”

Brigham Young Hid from Feds While Changing History of the Church …

History of the Church 7:408 “Tuesday, 13.— With Elders Heber C. Kimball, W. Richards and George A. Smith reading and revising Church History at Brother Edward Hunter’s where we had retired to keep out of the way of writs reported to have been issued against us.”

Brigham Spending All Day Deceiving Others …

History of The Church 7:411 “Wednesday, 14.— Continued at Brother Edward Hunter’s as yesterday; my health, and that of Brother Richards poor; but we read and revised history all day.”

57 Pages of Church History Rewritten by Brigham Young

History of the Church 7:414 “Tuesday, 20.— With the brethren named I remained at Brother Pierce’s; Willard Richards and George A. Smith joined us. We read and revised fifty-seven pages of History of Joseph Smith from Book ‘B’: Brothers Amasa M. Lyman and others called to see us.”

Five Men Revising History …

History of the Church 7:427 – 428 “Wednesday, 18.— I met with Elders Heber C. Kimball, John Taylor and George A. Smith at Brother Taylor’s; we revised a portion of the History of Joseph Smith.”

November 1845

Brigham and Three Other Men, No Real Truth …

History of the Church 7:514 “Saturday, 8.— Revising history in company with Brothers Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards and George A. Smith till 4 p.m. Afterwards the Twelve and others met for council and prayer.”

Brigham Revised Church History for Two Days …

History of the Church 7:519 – 520 “Monday, 10.— I spent the day with Elders Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards and George A. Smith revising Church History … Tuesday, 11.— Forenoon, Elders Willard Richards and George A. Smith revising history. Afternoon, Elder Kimball and I joined them, and assisted in revising history.”

Brigham Revised 50 Pages of Church History…

History of the Church 7:532 “Wednesday, 26.— At the Historian’s Office with Elder George A. Smith and revised fifty pages history.”

Retrofitting Past Church Events…

History of the Church 7:533 “Friday, 28.— Elders Willard Richards and George A. Smith read and revised history to the end of 1843.”

Revising More History Books …

December 1845

History of the Church 7:556 “Monday 29  …  Elders George A. Smith and Amasa Lyman revised history.”


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