There’s nothing in an article from the June Liahona to alert the unknowing the entire thing is filled with contradictions and lies. While the same can be said of everything in Mormonism, this particular article seemed to go out its way to be the poster child of deceit.

The article in question is ‘People of Galilee’. It listed 11 people from Jesus’ day and wants readers to imagine how these 11 people would’ve reacted to the miracles He performed. It’s quite surprising the Church would use so many examples from the Bible, and do so as a way of placing the Lord in a good light. Typically they briefly use His name, and activities to bolster the reason for their heretical doctrines.

Let me preface all that by stating I’ve never heard of the author (Breanna Call Herbert), and my heart hurts for her. I obviously don’t know if she’s aware of what she’s done, but be that as it may, the damage is done.

For the sake of brevity, I’ve pulled just a few of the most egregious items from her list as proof of the contradictions. To read the article in full, see Liahona, ‘People of Galilee,’ June 2019. Here we go —

‘While the Savior was on the earth, He taught and ministered to many. These are some of the people who Jesus Christ ministered to in Galilee. What would these people have said if they could tell their own stories found in the scriptures? Here are some ideas. …

Lad: I had heard of Jesus Christ and the miracles He had performed for the sick. So when He came to Tiberias, I joined the crowd that followed Him. There were a lot of us, around 5,000 people…(See John 6:5–14.)’

It’s disturbing they’d use scripture and talk positively about the Lord in this manner. Especially when Brigham Young said none of Jesus’ miracles were true. See Miracles of Jesus aren’t True According to Brigham for more info.

‘…Mary Magdalene: Jesus Christ cast seven devils out of me. I followed Him as He traveled to many villages preaching the gospel. (See Luke 8:1–3.) When Christ was crucified, I was at the cross (see John 19:25). I visited the tomb where His body was laid. I was the first person to see Him after His Resurrection. …(See John 20:11–16.)’

This one is more than shocking considering they’ve always taught that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. Orson Pratt is only one example of how they’ve repeatedly taught Mary wouldn’t have called Him Master if she wasn’t married to Him. See Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene? for more info.

Furthermore, Spencer Kimball taught that Jesus never forgave Mary Magdalene, rather, He told her to go and sin no more. See [Forgiveness] None for the Adulteress – Spencer W. Kimball, 1969.

‘Mary: I had heard of the Messiah who would come. I just didn’t expect to be a part of it. I was engaged to Joseph when an angel told me I would bear a child who would be the Son of God and to name Him Jesus. (See Luke 1:26–38.)And the Messiah did come. I gave birth to Him in a stable. Shepherds … (See Matthew 2:1–12Luke 2:1–20.)…’

Hands down, this is the most egregious of them all. We’ve posted on this topic many times, with the latest just a few weeks ago. Teaching LDS Kids God had Sex with Mary. I’m not expecting Ms. Herbert reads our site, however, I’ve never met a lifetime Utah Mormon who hasn’t been taught God had sex with Mary to beget Jesus. Her inclusion of this Mary into the article is deceitful.

Please, pray for Jesus to guard the hearts and minds of those who’ve been subjected to these lies!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18