General ConferenceThe Saturday morning General Conference didn’t provide any new insight into Mormonism for those hoping to hear something they hadn’t heard before. However, it did give a false sense of worldly hope to those who believe the Church needs to loosen its grip on male dominance.

For the first time in the history of the Church a woman led a closing prayer at one of the meetings. After an online and very public petition was written by a feminist group within Mormonism asking that females be allowed to give the opening or closing prayer at the conference, the Church acquiesced.

Women leading prayer at 183rd GCWhile it may seem they’re making progress with such a bold move, a speech given by one of the female leaders of the Church squashed that theory in a hurry.

My heart literally hurts for those caught in the lies of this organization. Believing the things they do and leading others to believe the same one generation after another is oppressive indeed.

Elaine Dalton, the Young Women’s General President delivered a speech for one of the Saturday morning sessions telling her audience their virtue is the most powerful and important thing they have.


The apostle Bednar reiterated the same philosophy as well in his speech.

Where in the Bible does it say these things? Where does God tell us that our virginity is the most precious thing above all? Why is the Church so hung up on sex?  Just about everything they do revolves around this.  Argh!

What about the person who’s been raped? Are they not worthy to be in God’s presence?

While God does tell us to not commit adultery and to abstain from drunkenness, there is nothing in His word telling us that our virtue is the most precious thing we have.

The most precious thing we have in this life is life itself and His Spirit that dwells inside of us when we’re saved!

In all sincerity, for those who don’t know –

God doesn’t require virginity for you to be lovable or worthy of Him.  God wants your heart, not your virginity.

If you’ve been violated by someone else’s actions or even if you’re not a virgin by your own choices, God still sees you as His creation, He still loves you and His death on the cross is still valid for you – regardless of your physical condition.

The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Cor 10:5 to hold all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. This means your thought life is what’s important! Jesus likewise told His audience in the Beatitudes the pure in heart will see God. If you’re angry with someone and say “Racha” in your heart, you’re guilty of murder.

Matthew Henry made the insightful comment that while there wasn’t much of the credenda of Christianity in the Sermon on the Mount, it did include the things we should do. In knowing these things we’ll know the doctrine of God.

Jesus said the pure in heart will see God (Matthew 5:8) –

Those who are pure in heart are fully and totally ascribed to the Lord. They’re mindful of His teachings and carry with them a healthy fear of the Lord. It is spiritual harmony with the Lord and seeing others as God see us as Oswald Chambers stated.

If we live this type of life and are mindful of wanting the things God wants for us, our outer self will reflect our inner beliefs. However, by no means does our physical condition (especially when violated against), determine whether or not we have the blessing of being in God’s presence.

And for the Mormon, being in God’s presence in the ultimate sense of the word means temple worthiness.

How sad for those who listen and believe the false teachings that were aired today in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Here’s an excerpt of what Ms. Dalton said;

““Your personal purity is one of your greatest sources of power,” she taught. “When you came to the earth you were given the precious gift of a body. Your body is the instrument of your mind and a divine gift with which to exercise your agency. This is a gift that Satan was denied and thus he directs nearly all of his attacks on your body. He wants you to disdain, misuse and abuse your body.”

Immodesty, pornography, immorality, tattoos and piercings, drug abuse and addictions of all kinds are all efforts to take possession of the precious gift, Sister Dalton explained.

“Keep yourselves pure and worthy and guard that which is ‘most dear and precious above all … [your] virtue and chastity.”

Be not moved in being worthy to make and keep sacred covenants.

“Virtue is the golden key to the temple,” she said. The covenants individuals make at baptism will tether them to the path of virtue and happiness. By taking the sacrament each week, individuals are renewing their baptismal covenant.”

If you’re LDS, know that we’re praying for you and we hope you open your Bible to compare what Jesus has to say about your physical condition to what the Church says about you.

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim