LDS Ex-Communication of Kate Kelly

24 June

salt-lake-templeThe founder of ‘Ordain Women’ found herself in the cross-hairs of the Mormon Church’s behavior police yesterday, June 22, 2014.

Kate Kelly was notified via e-mail that she’d been axed from the Church roles because of her outspoken opinion of how women are treated in the LDS Church.  Ironically, we had just posted our daily Mormon Dilemmas and it was on ‘Unquestioning Obedience’.

Mrs. Kelly is now banned from participating in public prayers, teaching and the myriads of other callings she may have fulfilled by being a compliant member. She’s been told to remove her temple garments which provide safety and signifies purity, in addition, she’s been banned from the temple.

Lesson to the story? When the Church tells people you can freely ask questions and explore different subject matters of the Mormon gospel without fear of incrimination, watch your back.

I find all this very interesting.  You see, it wasn’t all that long ago the Church had female priestess’.  What?!  That’s right and you can read about it in the exhaustive works of Eliza Roxcy Snow, the widow of both Joe Smith and Brigham Young.

She writes;

“Woman also soon became high priestess and prophetess. She was this officially. The constitution of the Church acknowledged her divine mission to administer for the regeneration of the race. The genius of a patriarchal priesthood naturally made her the apostolic help-meet for man. If you saw her not in the pulpit teaching the congregation, yet was she to be found in the temple administering for the living and the dead!” – Women of Mormondom, p 22 

Ms. Snow was a walking encyclopedia of all things Mormon. Her writings give us an intimate look at the inner workings of the Church and their false sense of being elevated to the status of their male counterparts. Sadly, you can see in this 552 page narrative how Satan has tricked the minds of people to a degree not often seen in everyday life.

We’re asking that you pray for this woman and her family. We’re praying God intervenes right now in her life in a very personal way. We pray the actions of the Church will cause her to open the Bible to seek out God’s wisdom and what He thinks of women and her role in this world. You can read more about her ex-communication in the Salt Lake Trib here.

In Him;


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