salt-lake-templeYears ago I woke from a vivid dream one night that caused me to get up and start praying straightway. Many of us have had similar experiences in life I’m sure, but this one dream was so short and detailed I still remember it today some 15+ years later.  When I got to work later that day I told Ed about it (I was working at the Saints Alive Ministry office at the time).

I dreamt the walls of the Salt Lake Temple crumbled to the ground and as they fell people came rushing out escaping death.

Today I was reminded of that experience when I read an article on the blog ofMormon Chronicles. The Church can say what they want about their membership numbers, but I challenge them on this issue.  According to Mormon Chronicles which is a pro-Mormon blog created to bring the truth to light while staying Mormon reports the Church is hemorrhaging members and that they’re leaving in “droves”.

According to one top LDS official (Marlin Jensen) they haven’t seen a mass exodus like this since the days of Kirtland, Ohio when the Church was at a crisis point because of Smith’s failed banking schemes.

Today Mormons are leaving not because of what the Church has done, but what it hasn’t done.

They’ve not been completely truthful about the polygamy issue and the Book of Abraham. When the results of a survey were complete asking members why they left the Church the top reasons were spoke volumes. They weren’t leaving because they got their feelings hurt or because they couldn’t live up to the standards of the Church. They left because of the lies.

While this report is over a year old it said the Church was claiming 14 million but in reality that number is closer to around 5 million who are actual members of the Church.  This isn’t the model of “the fastest growing church”!

We’re seeing these numbers firsthand here at the ministry!

This week alone we’ve seen two people who are leaving the Church for Jesus and another person who wants to leave, but is wanting some guidance because his wife and children are heavily involved.  Please, pray for these three people as they begin their new lives in the Lord and begin meeting other Christians who will be role models for them!  We’re excited for them and so very grateful for God’s mercy!

With Love in Christ;


P.S. Please note that I don’t endorse staying in the Mormon Church even when you know the truth about its practices. You can’t be a Mormon and a Christian at the same time. You can’t “infiltrate” to try and spread the gospel while praying to a false god and taking oaths to that god.  The best thing to do is to get out, make a confession of Christ and help them from the outside.