LDS Apologists Today Declare BoM Coins Didn’t Exist, and Chapter Headings Wrong

30 October

2 Timothy 3:13-14; “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them”.

As we noted yesterday, in an effort to fix a major faux pas, the Church rewrote chapter headings after their own apologists at FAIR publicly shamed the Church’s hierarchy about their initial activity of placing them there c. 1920.

A very good source to read about this can be found at My disclaimer is that after the author of this site left the Church, he became an atheist (very sad), but this shouldn’t deter from the historical data he provided in his expose` of the Church’s shenanigans.

The author, Jim Whitefield, provided statements from Daniel Peterson and others, who in no uncertain terms classified BoM references to money, and/or coins, as an add-on performed c. 1920 by Church Authorities. Below are a couple of comments made by ‘those in the know’ –

“Daniel C. Peterson, PhD – Middle Eastern Studies; makes this astounding confession:

“There have been no coins found in Ancient America because they didn’t exist – and they don’t exist in the Book of Mormon.”

He adds: “The header note to Alma 11 which describes Nephite coinage is almost certainly wrong.””

Mr. Whitefield also quoted Kerry Shirts –

‘Kerry Shirts, Contributing Researcher, Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research

“But those headings were not on the plates. From our understanding, some of the modern brethren put those headings to try to give us kind of a guide but the actual text itself describes different weights.””

Question/Observation –

Would a true Christian church do this if the info is bogus? Of course, we know the answer is an emphatic no! Lest we forget, the LDS Church claims that whatever they write/publish is inspired from God.

Here are two examples of how the Church tried to make Joe Smith’s work flow better by inserting their own agenda into the BoM, and how they changed it when FAIR renounced their additions.

Alma Chapter 11 Heading, BoM 1976 ed. (In author’s possession)

“Judges and their compensation –– Nephite coins and measures –– Zeezrom confounded by Amulek.” [emp. mine]

Alma Chapter 11 Heading (Retrieved 10.26.2017.)

“The Book of Alma the Son of Alma — Chapter 11 — The Nephite monetary system is set forth— …”

Why is the tail wagging the dog here? If you’re LDS, what’s your opinion on this?

As of today (October 2017), the Church has yet to offer an explanation on the obvious discrepancies, or whether or not, there were any coins at all. In Mr. Whitefield’s essay you can read about their excuses, but no true reason on why they’ve made such a mess of things.

Moreover, there’s no directive for what members today should believe.

If  you’re LDS, does this hurt the credibility of BH Roberts, who was the historian at the time they inserted these headings? Roberts had a solid belief those coins were in fact part of the Mesoamerican culture as seen in the BoM.

“…we have also a number of names of Nephite coins and the names of fractional values of coins…” Roberts ‘explains’ the coinage system and their relative values and then states “there is stated a system of relative values in these coins that bears evidence of its being genuine.” – A New Witness for God. 3:145

The problem is that coins weren’t manufactured in this way until long after the Nephite era. Additionally, when people began manufacturing coins of this genre, it was done so in Mesopotamia, not Mesoamerica.

What about the two verses we looked at yesterday where Smith plagiarized Jesus, and used the word ‘senine’ instead of ‘farthing’?

If there are no coins, what does this BoM verse mean?

In conclusion –

Whom do you believe?

The Church? The Book of Mormon, or the apologists?

Our suggestion of course, would be none of the above! The apologists may have been right this time around, but remember their title. They’re apologists for the LDS Church. Trust God and His word which never changes!

My heart is broken for those like my mother who’ve always believed these things.

If you’re LDS, please know that we’re praying for you dear one. We understand, and do empathize with you greatly. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line anytime!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18


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