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We pray that it’s understood we don’t do this to be sensationalistic, Mormonism doesn’t need the competition, and honestly, we’re not here to provide that. Rather, we hope it’s used to inform Mormons so they may think about the god they’re worshiping, and for Christians to utilize as a witnessing tool.

Women and Mormonism

Acts 4:12; “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

Life as a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is anything but easy. Its doctrines are comprised of an endless, evolving laundry list of must-dos, and have-to mandates. All this makes the target of salvation elusive because the Church is forever reinventing itself as time goes by.

The complicated goal of salvation is made even more difficult if you’re female. By and large, women haven’t evolved as much as the Church has throughout the years. Their lowly status remains stagnated, if not outright ignored, as the years wane on without Jesus as their sole focus.

The quote in our image pretty much sums up how females are looked upon by the Mormon god. Articles written by modern-day apostles and teachers reflect the same attitude Mr. Kimball portrayed more than 170 years ago.

You can find several articles, and speeches we’ve pulled from the Church’s many publications both then, and now, listed below. Be sure to check back often as we’re constantly updating our files!

Bishops and Young Women

In Mormonism, the bishop is believed to be the judge of a young woman’s worthiness, and calls her in for yearly interviews to weigh and measure her life. This is done in order to make sure she’s remaining pure and chaste.

Where is this in the Bible?

Cows & Wives

Heber C. Kimball; “I think no more of taking another wife than I do of buying a cow.” – Irving Wallace, The Twenty Seventh Wife, p. 101.

God’s Holiest Gift to Females: The Crown of Motherhood

The statement above is another way of saying goddess. A believer’s crown at the end is that of righteousness we’ll be given because of the blood of Jesus Christ.

LDS Essay Mother in Heaven

With virtually no official teachings on a mother-in-heaven, the Church prompts LDS women to strive for the status of being a mother-in-heaven of their own planet someday. How is this biblical, and why don’t they look to the word of God for answers?

More Lies of the LDS Relief Society

Back in the Joseph Smith days of the Church, the women’s Relief Society signed a declaration stating they didn’t know of anyone practicing polygamy. The problem? Half those who signed it were married to Joseph Smith at the time, and in many cases were also married to other men.

Today the Church continues its lies by rearranging their canon and/or reusing their old canon in applications meant for today. The problem again? The majority of Mormons today don’t know the true history of their church, and therefore they don’t have a full understanding of what the old canon represents.

Mormon Leader’s Sexist Views of Women

Gordon B. Hinckley’s speech at the 1997 General Conference was filled with theories that women are the possession of men. At the time, Mr. Hinckley was 96 yrs old and should’ve known better!

Mormon Women to Become Eves and People Millions of Earths

Brigham Young’s false prophecy also included a promise that women will be moms in heaven forever and ever, and it’s a sin not to emulate Eve.

Names of Adam and Eve More Sacred than Christ

The statement above was made by Eliza Snow, a leading female Relief Society President of the 19th century. Although she lived long ago, she’s still held in high regard in the Relief Society today in the 21st century.

New Women’s Meeting Announced

The First Presidency announced that in 2014, all female meetings are now combined.

Partner with God to Bring Spirit Children to Earth

The January 2017 Ensign gave ten reminders for Mormons to be obedient. The gist of the message was geared towards women so we’ve listed the first four mandates here: obey the prophet, go to the temple, nourish testimony, and oh yeah…to help God out, you should have more babies.

Retribution for Traitors of Mormonism

Included in Mr. Heber C. Kimball’s list of who qualified for traitor status were women living in Utah at the time. Mr. Kimball described how they take care of non-conforming women by wiping them out of existence.

The Role of Women in Mormonism

This article investigates the cold hard truth of the ancient practice of cult prostitution, and the similarities of the Mormon dogma that sex is necessary for salvation.

Women and Priesthood

Mormons reject the Lord’s sacrifice on the Cross by teaching they can take part in a necessary priesthood. Including women in the Mormon priesthood is nothing but a ruse to quiet the masses while they still lead them along in lies.

Women are Polygamists or Servants in Heaven

Mormon apostle, Erastus Snow, left nothing to the imagination when he told women in the Church that if they didn’t accept polygamy they’d be doomed to servant status for eternity.

Women Help God by Giving Birth

L. Eldon Tanner told members the greatest worth of a woman’s life is found in giving birth. How can this glorify God?

Women Need not Worry about Doctrine, Polygamy is Good!

The statement above was given in 1867 by Brigham Young, but it’s still held as a correct doctrine in the 21st century. Mormons today are taught not to question, but to follow their prophets no matter who they are, or what they teach.

Women Need Their Husbands to be Saved?

The importance of temple marriage can’t be overstated considering a woman’s eternal future depends on it, and that of her husband allowing her into God’s kingdom!

Women of Mormondom

Ms. Eliza Roxcy Snow gave 10 false prophecies of who God is, and how Joe Smith ruled with Him in a pre-existence. Her mind was obviously clouded with a false spirit of whom she thought God was, and her role as a woman in God’s creation.

Women who Reject Polygamy Damned

They may not be practicing polygamy today, but their canon still states if they reject this principle they won’t be saved.

Women with Noisy Kids are Uncivilized

So says Mr. Brigham Young in 1856. He further went on to express women with noisy kids have low breeding habits. We’re wondering if some of those noisy kids were in fact, his own…