Ephesians 6:11-12; “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

A few days ago a friend suggested we write about the slavery of Mormonism. Specifically, she wanted to know what things in Mormonism kept Mormon people enslaved to their religious convictions.

My default answer on anything like this are the two verses listed above. Of course, there’s always more to the story as they say, but ultimately it’s Satan.

In answer to her request the articles I’ve written since that time are my answer. The order listed below is totally random, meaning one doesn’t take precedence over another.

Here’s a synopsis of what Melissa and I have posted going from the latest first –

Reason #1

Book of Mormon Racist Teachings

The reason why this is so important is because of the deep affinity Mormons have for their signature canon. They’ll overlook the poor grammar, and outright racism, along with the archaeology and anachronistic problems before denouncing what they internally know is deeply flawed.

As I’ve always said, my mother loves it because it reminds her of ‘grandpa’. Her reasoning about the boatloads of contradictions goes no further than memories of her father reading this to her as a child. To her, end of discussion. She won’t have a dialogue about it, refuses to consider, let alone hear, any facts that would shed a negative light on those memories of hers.

While each Mormon has their own reasons for clinging to the Book of Mormon, be assured you’ll find the same reaction across the board.

Reason #2

Whom are You Following; Jesus, or an LDS Prophet?

While I use my mother as an example many times, she fits the image of a sold out member of the LDS Church, commonly known as a TBM, (true-blue-Mormon). The topic of whom they are following fits the topic of what keeps Mormons enslaved to Mormonism to a ‘t’.

While in discussions about the Bible, there have been many times I’ve asked my mother which prophet she likes the best. Her answer is the same each time I ask. Joseph Smith. Runner-up is whoever the prophet is at that particular time.

As I mentioned in the article, Mormons are taught from birth the only safe path to follow is the prophet. Anything outside that narrow parameter is nothing short of apostasy, earning you an eternal ticket somewhere outside the Celestial Kingdom.

By and large, Mormons are so sold out to this theory that no other possibilities are worthy of time spent thinking about it. The prophet is always right in their eyes.

Reason #3

Baptisms for Dead = Usurping Jesus’ Judgment

Eternal Families, Families are Forever, et al, is the absolute top priority of each, and every Mormon out there.

The idea you won’t be having an everlasting family reunion is impeachable to the Mormon. Likewise, it’s unfathomable that Christians will be spending their time worshiping Jesus at His throne.

They’ve been taught from birth they’ll be together forever, and this business of just ‘standing around singing to Jesus’ is laughable, to many of the Mormons I’ve met over the past 53+ years.

The Mormon priesthood, godhood, and becoming goddesses is all there is in the afterlife as far as they’re concerned. There is no further reasoning with this subject matter whatsoever. The temple endowments, and rituals go hand in hand with the priesthood because it’s where they swear their solemn oaths to the god they’re worshiping.

The stronghold of the Mormon priesthood can’t be understated. They truly believe this power they’ve been endowed with here on earth, is carried on into eternity. It’s how they have the right to become gods over their own planets, and their forever families.

Reason #4

Mormon Missionary Discussions Part 2

While the Missionary Discussions, in and of themselves, aren’t what keeps Mormons enslaved, the topic they discuss is a strong contender.


The entire Mormon system is founded upon, and still couched in the belief, that a burning in the bosom is reason enough to believe all of it is true.

As  you peel back the layers of Mormonism, you’ll keep discovering the same theme running throughout.


Who wants to admit they’re wrong after devoting everything you have, and everything you are, to something you were positive was true? For the Mormon, Mormonism defines their personhood. It’s who they are.

Indeed, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I’ll use my own pride as the example. After leaving Mormonism, I told more people than I care to remember, I hadn’t been duped into the  ungodly teachings of Joe Smith. The reason, I said, was because I was born into it, so no one lied to me about its falsehoods.

Wow! That was pride run amuck! Of course I was lied to, and of course I bought into every single lie; hook, line, and sinker. It didn’t matter if I was born into it, or converted to it. I still believed Satan’s lie, and pride kept me from admitting I was wrong.

Reason #5

Mormons have Reason to Doubt Brigham’s Calling as Prophet

It’s about the Bible. The bottom line in all of this is how Mormons don’t believe in, nor do they  trust, God. If they were worshiping the true God of the Bible, which is Christ Jesus, they’d believe in His word. They wouldn’t rely upon the made-up stories of people like Brigham Young, Joe Smith, or Thomas Monson. They’d toss it in the can like Bible believing Christians do, and disregard what the false prophets of today have to say to them.

Their detachment from God’s word is a sign of their internal detachment from God.