Joseph Smith, Polygamy and Under Age Girls

10 August

Joseph Smith, Polygamy and Under Age Girls

As everyone who reads our blog and site knows, we’ve been following the case of Warren Jeffs who was found guilty of sex crimes against minors and today (August 9, 2011) we saw that he was sentenced to life plus twenty years.

While he may be paying for his crime here on earth right now there’s still another judgment he’ll have to face when he meets his Maker and I’m sure the penalties are much stiffer than we could inflict here.

In light of all this I’ve been asking the same question throughout our updates and articles; what’s the difference between the acts of Warren Jeffs and the acts of Joseph Smith?

Are you aware that Joseph Smith married seven children under the age of 18?

We’ll be updating our article on Joseph Smith within the week, but for now here is a short list of our findings.  We’ve discovered there were many more marriages that Smith was participating in than those we’ve listed in our article here

As a matter of fact, he had upwards of 45 wives.  Here are the names and ages of the children he married.  And I ask again; what’s the difference between the two men?  Why does the mainstream Mormon Church laud his works when in fact he was a pedophile just like Jeffs.  I’ve not met one single Mormon that thinks Jeffs is a prophet of God or that he is being persecuted, yet that’s all you’ll hear when you talk to a Mormon who’s telling you about Joseph Smith.  He was a persecuted martyr who didn’t do anything wrong…

Remember, Smith was born on December 23, 1805

Name Marriage Date Age
Fanny Alger Early 1833 16
Sarah Ann Whitney July 27, 1842 17
Flora Ann Woodworth Early May 1843 16
Lucy Walker May 1, 1843 17
Sarah Lawrence May 11, 1843 17
Helen Mar Kimball May 1843 14
Nancy Winchester 1842 or ‘43 14

Helen Mar Kimball was the daughter of Heber Chase Kimball

Sarah Lawrence’s sister, Maria, was 19 years old when she also married Joseph Smith in the same month, May 1843.

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