Joseph Smith Greater than Isaiah & Moses – Mormon Quotes

Discourses of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pg. 7; In thirty nations are men and women who look upon him as a greater leader than Moses and a greater prophet than Isaiah; his disciples now number close to a million [the present figure is over 3.5 million]; and already a granite shaft pierces the sky over the place where he was born, and another is in course of erection over the place where he is credited with having received the inspiration for his Book. (John Henry Evans, op. cit., introduction.)

New Scofield Study Bible; ISAIAH, whose name means salvation of the Lord, was the greatest of the writing prophets.  No other prophet has written with such majestic eloquence about the glory of God (see ch. 40).  Of all the O.T. prophets, Isaiah is the most comprehensive in range. No prophet is more fully occupied with the redemptive work of Christ. In no other place, in the Scriptures written under the law, is there so clear a view of grace.”  MOSES – Moses typifies Christ as Prophet (Acts 3:22-23), Advocate (Exo 32:31-351 John 2:1-2), Intercessor (Exo 17:1-6Heb 7:25), and Leader, or King.”

Excerpt from an article I wrote:

I asked my mother a couple of weeks ago which prophet of all time that she liked the best. She replied by asking me which one I liked. I told her I couldn’t pick but have a tendency to turn to Isaiah time and again. I told her that his words are comforting to me when he prophesied about Jesus in chapter 53, or when he spoke of the ‘Highway of Holiness’ in chapter 35. She had never heard of Isaiah, and then told me that Hinckley and Joseph had to be her favorites. I found it interesting that Mormons refer to Joseph Smith by just his first name and everyone knows who you’re talking about. Yet I can’t recall the last time my own mother referred to Jesus without calling Him by His title instead of by His given name.


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  1. John October 10, 2014 at 3:55 am #

    Joseph Smith added to the Gospel which Revelations warns about.

    • LifeAfter December 5, 2014 at 4:30 am #

      Amen! It’s too bad the Mormon can’t or won’t see this. We’re going to keep praying they do!

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