Jesus and Joseph Smith Both Saviors of Mankind?

29 August

Isaiah 40:25 “To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One.”

Earlier this month (August 2016) I was searching around for info on a speech by Melvin J. Ballard, when I came upon a Mormonism_Against_Itself_0000very interesting online publication called Mormonism Against Itself, written by a fellow by the name of Maurice Barnett.

The book was a compilation of dozens of Mormon documents that are now out of print, or hard to find. One of the items I read in Mr. Barnett’s compilation was a handout for a ward teacher’s lesson from 1922. While I am fully aware this sounds mundane, when you glance over this, one will discover how the Church knew no bounds when trying to pull the wool over the eyes of its followers. And surprisingly (or maybe not), they’re still banking on the same doctrines they did way back when.

They obviously felt no shame when referring to Joseph Smith as a redeemer, nor did they bother with publishing biblically sound materials. The content for their comparison of Jesus and Joseph was so outlandish, I’m still left without words to describe how awful it is!

A link is provided above if you’d like to read more of this man’s findings. It’s roughly 350 pages of the ‘worst of the worst’ as they say.

Our concern is for Mormons today who see the same teachings, and absorb the info without a second thought. I’m speaking from past experience, and observations I still see in my mother’s behavior with ‘official’ literature from the Church. Although this lesson is almost 100 years old, the doctrines here could’ve been pulled from the latest Visiting Teaching Message.

One of the worst items in this document is where they claimed Jesus used priesthood power to heal the sick…Like I already said, I’m at a loss for words, and the only thing that comes to mind is good grief.

The comparisons made in this lesson are things that members can read each time they open any of the Mormon books for study. They contain events of when Jesus was baptized, compared with Smith’s claim of John the Baptist magically appearing to Smith to bestow the priesthood on him, mixed with the original version of Smith’s first vision.

You can imagine the confusion this might cause the investigator, or even the member who’s heard the stories for the umpteenth time. We’re asking you pray for whomever it is that’s ingesting the heretical lies about our Lord. When you have the opportunity to speak with the Mormon in your life, ask them what they think of these stories being intertwined. Using demonstrative evidence, show them from your own Bible, and a two minute US history lesson, how the LDS claims are historically incompatible.

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