Jesus and Lucifer Brothers?

13 January

Are Jesus & Lucifer Brothers?

      I grew up on the east side of Ogden, Utah in the sixties and seventies directly across the street from a Seventh-day Adventist church.  At that time there were very few non-LDS neighbors, even with the “weird church” (as we called it) across from us.  That is to say, except the neighbors to the right of us.

     For whatever reason that particular house only held its owners in for a year or two at a time and none of them were LDS.  I recall one family had a son and daughter who was roughly my age and the little girl would sometimes be allowed to play with us, but never at our home.  One day while we were playing on her swing set, she announced she wasn’t allowed to play at my house because we weren’t Christians.  When I asked her what she meant by that, she replied by saying, “You think Jesus and Lucifer are brothers and that’s not Christian”.

     Just as her final words came tumbling from her mouth I gave it my all to touch the sky in that last push on the swing.  It seemed I was in the air forever after coming out of my swing.  I wasn’t so sure the sinking feeling in my gut was a result of my record setting jump or from her blunt analysis of what makes a Christian a Christian.

     I was left with a dark icky feeling all over.  I knew what she said about the Church’s teachings was truth, but I had always been taught it wasn’t something you wanted to go and blab your mouth about in public.  To hear those words coming out of someone’s mouth while not in a ward building startled me.  And then to think she wasn’t even one of us; well, that just compounded my feeling of “ickiness” even more!

     Now with the advent of the political campaigns, the subject of one of the candidate’s faith is in the forefront of many people’s thoughts.  Websites and phone lines are abuzz with questions and innuendos from those who are seeking the truth about Mormonism.  In light of all this; here it is.


The LDS Church has always taught that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers!

     I’ve spent my entire 44 years of life dealing with the Mormon faith and people.  As a sixth generation Mormon from Utah, I spent the first thirty years in the Church.  The remainder of that time has been in ministry offering them hope and showing there is a way out!

     Earlier this week I spent about five minutes on the official website of the Mormon Church.   I’ve listed just a few references from their perspective of who Jesus is and the basics of what they believe regarding this one topic.  The references are taken from their website and my personal collection of LDS works respectively.  It’s to be understood that this one teaching of Jesus isn’t some obscure doctrine plucked from the basement of a sermon given some 150 years ago.  This teaching is a staple in the LDS psyche.

 1 – I Have a Question

“How can Jesus and Lucifer be spirit brothers when their characters and purposes are so utterly opposed?”

“Jess L. Christensen, “I Have a Question,” Ensign, June 1986, 25–26; Jess L. Christensen, Institute of Religion director at Utah State University, Logan, Utah.

On first hearing, the doctrine that Lucifer and our Lord, Jesus Christ, are brothers may seem surprising to some—especially to those unacquainted with latter-day revelations. But both the scriptures and the prophets affirm that Jesus Christ and Lucifer are indeed offspring of our Heavenly Father and, therefore, spirit brothers. Jesus Christ was with the Father from the beginning. Lucifer, too, was an angel “who was in authority in the presence of God,” a “son of the morning.” (See Isa. 14:12; D&C 76:25–27.) Both Jesus and Lucifer were strong leaders with great knowledge and influence. But as the Firstborn of the Father, Jesus was Lucifer’s older brother. (See Col. 1:15; D&C 93:21.)”

 “How could two such great spirits become so totally opposite? The answer lies in the principle of agency, which has existed from all eternity. (See D&C 93:30–31.) Of Lucifer, the scripture says that because of rebellion “he became Satan, yea, even the devil, the father of all lies.” (Moses 4:4.) Note that he was not created evil, but became Satan by his own choice.”

 “When our Father in Heaven presented his plan of salvation, Jesus sustained the plan and his part in it, giving the glory to God, to whom it properly belonged. Lucifer, on the other hand, sought power, honor, and glory only for himself. (See Isa. 14:13–14; Moses 4:1–2.) When his modification of the Father’s plan was rejected, he rebelled against God and was subsequently cast out of heaven with those who had sided with him. (See Rev. 12:7–9; D&C 29:36–37.)”

 That brothers would make dramatically different choices is not unusual. It has happened time and again, as the scriptures attest: Cain chose to serve Satan; Abel chose to serve God. (See Moses 5:16–18.) Esau “despised his birthright”; Jacob wanted to honor it. (Gen. 25:29–34.) Joseph’s brothers sought to kill him; he sought to preserve them. (Gen. 37:12–24; Gen. 45:3–11.)”

 2 – A quick search produced this article by Robert D. Hales, “The Aaronic Priesthood: Return with Honor,” Ensign May 1990, 39;

 “We cannot remember that we once lived with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that we probably sat in meetings much like this, where the Father’s plan for us was explained. We cannot remember that Lucifer, a son of God the Father, a brother of Jesus Christ, rebelled against God’s plan and, in his rebellion, promised he would bring us all back home. But Lucifer would have denied us our free agency, the freedom to make decisions. We cannot remember that his plan was not accepted by us because, without choice, there would not have been a purpose for coming to this mortal probation. We would not have had opposition or repentance. We would not have learned obedience.

  3 – This teaching is just as damning and blasphemous as the previous one.  It is hard for me to imagine that I used to believe the same thing.  It was originally a speech called “The Great Imitator”, Ensign, Nov. 1987, pg. 33,  James E. Faust.

“Satan became the devil by seeking glory, power, and dominion by force (see Moses 4:3–4). But Jesus, chosen “from the beginning” (Moses 4:2), said unto God, “Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever” (Moses 4:2). What a contrast in approaches! Wrong as his plan was, Satan was persuasive enough to entice one-third of the hosts of heaven to follow him (see D&C 29:36; Rev. 12:4). He practiced a great deception by saying, I am also a son of God (Moses 5:13).”

4 – This last quote is taken from the work of Don H. Peterson, Pearl of Great Price: A History and Commentary, pgs. 141-142;

“”Long before you were born a program was developed by your creators. There was rebellion in the ranks. The proposed program called for total controls by each individual of his personal life, including restraints, sacrifices, and self-mastery…”But thank God that there were enough sane and sagacious souls on the side of truth and wisdom and the rebellious souls were vanquished as to the eternal and ultimate program. The principal personalities in this great drama were a Father Elohim, perfect in wisdom, judgment, and person, and two sons, Lucifer and Jehovah.” (Spencer W. Kimball, Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, pp. 32-33. See also George Q. Cannon, Gospel Truth, 1:137-38; Harold B. Lee, as quoted by ElRay L. Christiansen, in Ensign, Nov. 1974, p. 23; Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions, 5:31.)”

      I realize my swing set experience was more than thirty years ago, but I can assure you the teachings of the Church have not changed for this one.  They still hold fast and true to the doctrine of the pre-existence and the war in heaven.  They still teach there was a council of gods that gathered to create the earth and they still teach that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers.

     If you’re LDS, take a few moments of your day and do a study about Jesus.  There is no doubt in my mind the LDS people love Him.  I am speaking from thirty years of experience.

     There are many venues to employ in your research.  The first suggestion is an article from our site and the others are independent resources which are very reliable.  Don’t take my word for it – check them out!

 With Love in Christ;


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