It’s Offical…Romney’s Running Again…

05 June

Yep, you heard it right.  Two days ago Romney made it official – he’s running for POTUS for 2012.

In case you didn’t vote last time in our little unscientific poll – here it is!

We’d love to hear from our readers!  Would  you vote for a Mormon for POTUS?

Our concern with him being president is hopefully obvious.  I cannot endorse anyone who believes Jesus and Lucifer are brothers.  If he’s not going to tell the truth about whom he worships why should we give him the benefit of the doubt while holding the highest office in our country?  What else would he lie about?

If there’s any question to our claims you can verify the beliefs of the LDS Church on their official website at

For a quick overview of their beliefs on this issue check out our article here

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