Islam Says Death to All Jews by Ed Decker

31 July

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Islam says Death to All Jews

Special Report

 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Isaiah 5:20

Ed DeckerI have been watching the Gaza Israel conflict with great interest.  I guess I should not be surprised that the world at large has rallied against Israel.  It has been foretold that this day would come. I just didn’t expect it to come to America quite this soon.

We have a President who celebrated the end of Ramadan in July, 2014, at a dinner at the White House. He issued a statement thanking Muslim Americans for their many “achievements and contributions, praising them for building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”  

At an earlier date, he told the UN that  “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”

This is the same American president who told the nation that: “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”

So it is not surprising that we see that same slant in most of the news reports we read or watch. I was watching Brian Williams on NBC news a few nights ago as he reported on the Gaza. He showed bombed out buildings in Gaza and people crying and weeping. One Muslim lady cried, “All we want to do is live in peace. Why won’t they leave us alone?”

Williams nodded thoughtfully and said something along the lines of this. “Let’s hope that Israel can be brought to the peace table soon.”  I almost choked on my tongue as I yelled at the TV. “Are you brain dead, Brian? “

Israel had already agreed to four cease-fire peace proposals, all of them rejected by Hamas while they continued to rain down missiles on Israel.

Our USA, Muslim leaning White House and State Department were so concerned they gave Hamas almost  $50,000,000 in what they called humanitarian aid with NO restrictions. Guess who can now buy a bunch more missiles.

They forgot to notice that even in this confrontation, Israel was already shipping in semi-truck loads of food and medicines until Hamas blew up the crossing so no more could enter.

Meanwhile our own elected officials are chewing on providing Israel essentials for the Iron Dome project, a system that has stopped over 90% of the Hamas death darts. Some of them say to do so, would give Israel an “Advantage.”

The UN has again pumped out more Resolutions against Israel’s inhuman treatment of Hamas, without a single one mentioning the thousands of Missiles fired randomly into Israeli general populations.   The UN has condemned Israel with more resolutions that it has all the rest of the world combined.

Ok. Let me get to the core of this article.
Hamas is a terrorist organization that openly and proudly declares as its main goal, the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews.

It openly stores and fires its missiles from populated areas, schools, mosques, hospitals and even UN compounds.   It coerces and forces its citizens to stand in front of the guns.

One leader shouted out to the people that they are called by Allah to bare their chests to the enemy, to be martyrs for the cause.. and like  all obedient Muslims, they do so. Just yesterday, Hamas killed about 30 Gaza Muslims who disagreed. They dragged the bodies through the streets.

As these evil men purposely bring death to their own families, their own children, they do it for this higher goal of killing Jews and the whole of the world seems to buy into their horrible lies.

Every news report on the main TV channels shows people marching for peace in nations throughout the World, including the USA.  What they fail to report is the violence that often travels with this crowd, nor do they mention that these crowds are made up of Muslims, the same Muslims who live outside the Middle East. The same ones  we are told are peaceful Muslims, part of peaceful Islam.

And the world’s presses continue to roll out diatribes against Israel who seeks peace over war but has finally had enough of the hundreds of missiles flying out of a once fruitful land they gave in order to have peace.

I visited the Gaza strip while it was still under Israel’s control. I remember the fields filled with crops, fat orchards, clean streets, shops, and thriving market places.

I saw it again few years after the Hamas folks took over. Filthy streets, weed filled fields, barren orchards. Billions of dollars of aid from all over the world came in to give these people a place of peace and prosperity. All it did was build a violent war society where death is often preferable to life. And a number of extremely wealthy Hamas leaders.

Let me explain why we see such violence across the globe today from Islam. Why we read more and more stories like the one about Muslim man in Port Bolivar, Texas, who in 3/6/2014 shot his lesbian daughter and her lover to death and left a copy of the Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality.

Muslims are on a worldwide crusade to covert or kill, not just Jews, but Christians who are being eliminated openly throughout Islamic nations. No one is safe from this holy onslaught.  Even Muslims must conform or die, just as did the girl in Texas.

It is the core of the Muslim faith and every professing Muslim, good, bad or peace loving, is bound by it. Do NOT be fooled by the fable that most Muslims are a peace loving people. By the tenets of their faith, most stand by and quietly
watch such slaughter as we see filling the Muslim world.
That is the measure of their peace.

Let me explain.
It is Islamic ideology that the world is divided into two: The Islamic “Dar e-Salaam” or House of Islam or House of Peace.  [Peace loving]

Opposing this “Dar e-Salaam” is the “Dar e-Harb” or House of War into which all infidels fall.

There can be no peace for Islam until the entire “Dar e-Harb” falls to the “Dar e-Salaam”.

So this is a very real fight to the finish.

Islam must be victorious or be vanquished.  Israel understands this. They live with it every day.

There can be no effective defense against Islam or any effective outreach to its people until we understand this volatile religious challenger of our own and to  to every non-muslim faith in the world.

We must understand that many of the majority of Muslims living in the United Sates have come here to live in peace and prosperity.  But they must stand firm on this bedrock doctrine.

Many have said that life here is wonderful, marvelous. They contribute much to our society. Many fathers and husbands are able to release their daughters and wives to live life freely, openly, without degradation or sexual mutilation in the name of Allah.

They can go to school, be educated, have careers, drive cars, go to the movies and  some can actually marry whom they love.  Many have Americanized their faith, but they do so without compromising their beliefs.

Were it not so, we would see a million American Muslims, led by their holy men, stand up against the insanity of the Hamas destruction of human life to attain this victory over the

“Dar e-Harb” world. That’s us…

This is not just happening in the Gaza.  Just this week, our President authorized the lifting of over $ 2,000,000,000 in sanctions against Iran [they are the missile suppliers of Hamas]. Iran responded by announcing they will now annihilate Israel.   Great Satan is sure to be on their to-do list.

Folks, we must hope and pray that Israel does what it must do to shut down Hamas and, if needed, take back Gaza.

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