Polygamous Neighbor?

Tonight I watched the ABC program 20/20 who interviewed a polygamous family in Salt Lake City.  To say that I was appalled would be an understatement.

I guess it doesn’t matter that incest is against the law or that someone’s conscience doesn’t work properly.  It’s all in the name of your own version of God that you can take more than one wife at a time and identical twin sisters at that.

Somewhere along the line, part of the soul has given itself away to the dark recesses of Satan’s plan when you succumb to beliefs like this.  Unfortunately, I understand the mindset all too well as I used to think the same way.  Although growing up in a mainstream Mormon home, the idea of plural marriage being in effect someday would probably be part of my life in heaven, I too succumbed to the degrading doxology that I’d share my husband with other women.

Because a man can no longer hold back his lustful thoughts towards another woman, the Mormon god has made a way for this not to be a sin.  Never mind that it creates strife and jealousy…on a side note I’m wondering how that could come from a loving God.  If you’re not supposed to feel jealousy because it’s a sin then how do you explain being born perfect without sin?  And how do you explain the demoralizing position this marriage scenario places upon the woman?

Does it make the man feel manlier because he doesn’t have enough time to spend with his 24 kids and three wives?  Does it make them feel more powerful when the child can only grasp moments at a time with their father when he becomes a larger than life person and untouchable with the other 23 siblings yanking on daddy’s sleeve for attention?

The power trip must be a high hurdle to overcome.

It’s interesting this Mormon god told Joseph Smith that all other Christians were the whores of Babylon when ironically the only way to salvation for Mormon women (and men) is to have sex…

When you can’t talk about your holy statutes with your neighbors there is something wrong!  I pray somebody in that family wakes up and uses the common sense God gave to all of us.  This type of lifestyle promotes lying amongst other things.

Isn’t it interesting that in Utah where polygamy is supposedly banned it’s going on right under your nose or in this case, right next door.  Who knows, your kids’ classmates might be living this lifestyle and you may not even know.  How do they justify this lie to their children while teaching them that lying is a sin?

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim