Introducing Mike and Brenda Z.

10 April

Cross 3This past December I received an e-mail from a woman in Utah by the name of Brenda.

Brenda had just accepted the Lord into her life and wanted to share her experience with us here at LAM!  Praise God!!!

I’m posting her e-mails to me and as you’ll see she wasn’t the only one God saved in her family! Her husband Mike came to know the Lord as well and then as time went on they were baptized into Christ and wanted to share their stories with us!

Her notes and the stories of their new lives in the Lord is why we do what we do and I can’t tell you how thrilled we are each time we hear of someone being free!  Thank You Jesus!

I’m only using the initial of their last name and have removed the town in which they reside for privacy reasons.  Enjoy!  We’ll be posting this over in the ex-Mormon testimony section for future reference.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18


I just wanted to send you a quick Thank you note telling you how much I appreciate your site….WOW it is awesome…..I spend hours and hours reading and still haven’t read it all.

I was a Mormon for 44 years of my life (living in Idaho) 4 years ago I realized everything about being Mormon was a lie. I did move to Utah at this time and I was totally away from any church for 3 years. I had a surgery October of 2012 and on the patient form it asks which religion and I circled CHRISTIAN very dark, not wanting to be associated with LDS at all.

The  morning after my procedure a very friendly lady Pastor came into my room and quized me about my religion and my husband and I realized we really were “missing” something in our lives.  She told us about a place called… So after I recovered my husband and I decided to go one Sunday……..WOW what an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE it was!!!!

We are going most every Sunday and have gotten involved with Service, extra groups, Classes etc…..We are so COMFORTABLE……. the church just finished a campaign called EVERY ONE MATTERS!!!!!

It is still tough for me because both my Dad and Mom, 3 Brother’s, 2 Sister-in-laws, my Oldest Son and his Wife, are all stanch LDS, along with my Husband’s Mom, Sister, Brother-in-Law, his Daughter, Son & wife are all totally brain washed, engrained……..etc….as I once was.

So long story short obviously I am researching your website and finding out more and more truth every day.

My Husband and I plan on getting Baptized in January and I study the Bible everyday and pray correctly now.

I also wear a Cross very proudly everyday too.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this site and for all of the hours of research that you have do, those of us EX-Mormons appreciate it so much!!!

I love the Mentoring handbook and wish you had one for the person coming out exodus to understand more about Christians comparing…..I just really don’t care the Mormon view. anyway how do I find a Mentor???

Thanks again!!!

Brenda Z


Hello Hopefully the New Year is treating you good!!

I am so excited tomorrow is the day for mine and my husband’s Baptism!!!

I did not invite my family because I did not want them to come out of obligation and cause negative feelings anyway I am going to send a picture saying guess what I did today?

My 12 year old Son will be able to witness it.

I am taking a Break Free Class and Transitions Class that … is offering they have really helped me in addition to your website.  I have been reading my Bible and praying of course every day.

I just mailed a letter to take our names off the church records, I will keep you informed on what happens with that.

Thank you again for your website and your email have been such an answer to prayers!!  Keep it up….you are AWESOME!!!

My Mentor is awesome as well!

Brenda Z


Michelle, yes you can post those no worries at all like I say if it will help someone like me that will be AWESOME!
Thanks again for all you do!! I still read your site everyday!

Have a wonderful evening!

Brenda Z

From Mike Z

My life before I became Christian was a lot like a typical LDS life, except I never really believed any of it, going to church was something I needed to do and people told me I should do, but I NEVER wanted to. As a child my father had been made fun of for not having a book or mormon in his home, that’s when my grandparents had had enough and said we will never be LDS again. My mom was forceful about going to church but my dad would stay home, have coffee and let his dog in the home, that drove my mom nuts, but I saw a calm in my dad and a gentle understanding of what his beliefs were even though he really never told me.

After coming to … for about six months I finally felt like I was good enough for God to love, one of my favorite songs says this

Surrounded by your glory what will my heart feel, will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still, will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall, will I sing hallelujah , will I be able to speak at all…….

That’s how I feel.

My life now, AMAZING!!!  never before have I felt so much love…from God and or to God….when I was eight I was baptized, it was something that happened to me…now I want to make a choice to what I live life with God…to walk with him, not to be scared of what I have done or to wonder does he really love me..I feel hi daily..I know I am a true Christian and thank everyone at … for letting me find my own path with God.

Mike Z

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