The other day I came across a video on YouTube of a Christian Pastor interviewing two Mormon missionaries. He asked them many questions about some of the core, deeper doctrines of Mormonism, and was told things that you probably won’t hear from the missionaries when they come to your door. Throughout the interview, the missionaries were very polite and cordial and seemed to do their best to answer the questions he asked them.

I’d like to go through some of the questions and content of the interview. I’ll make sure to link the video along with time stamps of where the question was asked so you can hear their answers for yourself.

(Just a reminder before you watch the video, anytime a Mormon uses the phrase “the gospel of Jesus Christ” they are referring to the Mormon gospel, not the biblical gospel.)

2:25 The interview began by them talking about the three levels of glory, or heavens found in Mormon doctrine, and who will go to each.

4:25-4:55 This leads into them discussing hell and the outer darkness. As you may know, Mormons don’t believe in a biblical fiery hell but believe in a place called the outer-darkness. According to Mormonism, everyone will get to go to a level of heaven and receive some portion of glory. Even those who have lived their lives in rebellion to God will be allowed admittance in the lowest heavenly kingdom.

When it came to hell, as a Mormon I was taught hell for us could be being sent to a lower kingdom knowing we could have lived a better life while we were alive and ended up in a higher kingdom. I was taught this could be the gnashing of teeth that is talked about in the bible.

As Christians, we know there is only one heaven, and there is definitely a biblical firey hell. God is holy and righteous, and heaven is God’s dwelling place. He’s so holy and righteous that nothing unclean can enter His Kingdom ( 1 Cor 6:9-11). This is why we needed  Jesus Christ to take our sins upon himself so that all who would repent and put their trust in him would have eternal life, and live with God forever.

Despite what the Mormons believe hell is a very real place and is reserved for those who chose to remain in their sins and reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (Matt 25:26, Rev 21:8)

6:57 Baptism for the dead.

In their temples, there is a baptismal font Mormons use to perform baptisms for the dead by proxy. This means a living person stands in the place of the person who has died and is baptized for them.

In the interview, they mention that the church waits about a year before allowing someone to preform a baptism for a loved one who has passed on. As a Mormon, I was taught the reason they wait a year is because in the spirit world (not heaven and still apart from God) the dead are being taught Mormon doctrine, waiting a year gives them time to learn and accept Mormon doctrine. Mormons believe that baptism into their Church is the first step you take on your path to becoming a god, and is part of your eternal progression. It’s also the only baptism they believe God views as legitimate.

They will also often use 1 Cor 15:29 to justify their stance on baptizing the dead. If you read the whole chapter you’ll see Paul isn’t telling them to do this, but to not do it.

7:43 Eternal Progression

Eternal Progression in Mormonism refers to the things Mormons do in order to progress up the ladder to eventually achieving godhood.

During this part, the Missionary seemed either a little confused about the Mormon doctrine of becoming a god or he just didn’t want to say too much about it. He said they aren’t polytheist. While they made not worship multiple gods as polytheist do, they certainly believe they too can become a god of their own world, and eventually have their own spirit children. Becoming a god yourself, creating your own world and having spirit children is what Mormonism is all about. It’s a very “man-centered” religion.

8:43 This leads them to be talking about Jesus and his eternal progression.

I was surprised to hear the missionary said they believe Jesus is God. He went on to say God the Father, and Holy Spirit are also God. Adding they believe all three are separate beings, with one purpose. Again he said this isn’t to be confused with polytheism, but if everyone in the godhead is a god, and they (Mormons) can progress to becoming a god how is what they believe not a form of polytheism?

9:45-12:20 After talking about their eternal progression, they discuss what Jesus had to do on his eternal progression path. Knowing that marriage is a requirement to continue in their journey in eternal progression they are asked, could Jesus have had a wife and children? The missionaries thought it was very possible He could have had a family.

If Jesus had been married and had children the bible would certainly say so. In the Bible, we learn about his mother, Joseph and that he has half-brothers and half-sisters. If Jesus married we would have learned about the other members of his family.

12:20 Afer discussing our eternal progression, and Jesus’ eternal progression they discuss whether God the Father had to go through an eternal progression.  According to Mormon doctrine, God the Father was a mortal man who lived on earth much like our own and had to prove himself worthy of godhood

12:49 This leads them into talking about the preexistence a little, which is where Mormons believe we lived with God as his spirit children before coming to earth. When asked if God created our spirits the missionary said that he wasn’t sure how that happens. He mentioned the veil of forgetfulness that happens when we are born preventing us from remembering our time in the preexistence.

13:12 They touch on the Mormon belief that we have a heavenly mother. However, they believe God didn’t publicize that we have a heavenly mother because he wants us to treat her with reverence, and not speak of her in an irreverent manner.

What Mormons don’t seem to understand is God is complete and whole all on his own, he doesn’t need another being to be his companion. He doesn’t have the desires of the flesh that would make him need a wife.

14:30 Here they talk a little more about our eternal progression, our own spirit children and their eternal progression. In this part of the interview, they discuss being married in heaven and having spirit children. The one missionary said that God wants us to be happy and happiness comes from your family so sure he believes we will have spirit children.

I can recall believing this as well when I was a Mormon. I chuckle a little at the notion now, and think does God really think that women being eternally pregnant will make them happy?

According to God’s word there is no marriage in heaven. Matthew 22:30 tells us “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.”

16:45 Along with this same thought they discuss the need for another Jesus coming to die for the sins of our spirit children on their earth. In conclusion to the question, they said it could very well happen. Here’s a quote I found very interesting. The missionary said –

” that could have happened on other earth before us” 17:18

17:30 Toward the end of the interview they talk about what are some of the differences between Mormon doctrine and Christian beliefs. When asked what they thought was a big difference the missionary mentioned grace and talked about how they do believe we are saved by grace, but we have to do our part and endure to the end.

He also added that they don’t believe they can earn their way to heaven, and then goes on to list things that you should be doing. Well, if you have to do something to get to heaven after the grace of Jesus Christ then you do have to earn your way.

As I see it one of the huge differences between Mormonism and Christianity is the way they view Jesus. If you listen to this video, especially when they talk about Jesus they say a lot about what they really think of him. If there’s a possibility of there being other Jesus type people on other worlds who die for the sins of their planet, how is our Jesus worthy of worship? His death and suffering on the cross was nothing special.

Contrary to what Mormons may think of him without really saying it is he is worthy of worship. He is God’s only begotten Son, a unique being. He’s not someone who can be replicated or replaced. They truly have a misunderstanding of who God is, and the role Jesus has not only in this life but in our life to come.

This whole concept of other worlds, becoming a god, and having spirit children sounds more like a really bad science fiction movie than from the word of God.

As I told Michelle when I sent her this video, if you can get through it it’s interesting and very telling. It really makes you want to pray for the Mormons. They are truly lost. Their doctrines are so far removed from what Jesus taught.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes


Interview with Mormon Missionaries