Hobby Lobby, Obamacare and Killing Babies

24 November

Hobby Lobby, Obamacare and Killing Babies

Here we are not a month after the 2012 elections and I’m posting a story on politics…ugh.

This story caught my attention and causes me to wonder what happened to America.  For some odd reason I always thought we lived under the banner of let freedom ring and the First Amendment.  I just can’t imagine our government forcing anyone to do something against their moral will and yet here we are.

In case you’ve not heard, the craft and hobby store is facing $1.3 million a day fines beginning January 1, 2013 for not providing abortion pills in their health insurance plan for employees.  After the victorious ruling of the courts earlier this week with Tyndale House on the same issue, Hobby Lobby has a renewed faith that their petition to the courts will be heard.

While Tyndale House falls under their parent company’s umbrella of non-profit status and therefore protected from such atrocities of providing pills to murder babies, Hobby Lobby has no such luxury so they’re going to need some prayer!

You can read more about this story on Fox News’ website: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/21/hobby-lobby-files-appeal-in-obamacare-morning-after-pill-case

Who would’ve ever thought we’d have to fight not to kill babies?  May God have mercy on us.

And because I’ve been receiving a fair amount of e-mails from disgruntled Mormons and Christians alike about my comments on the POTUS election of 2012, here’s an  update to the election and my voting status…yes, I voted for president, no it wasn’t for Romney, nor was it for Obama.


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