Hobby Lobby Case at the Supreme Court

27 March

hobby_lobby_banner_5b1_5dMarch 27, 2014

This morning as I was listening to the news I stopped when I heard President Obama answering questions from reporters over in Europe.

Oh there are only a couple of things that’ll get my immediate attention in life.  One of them is when a President of the US stands at a microphone and says “…because I’m a Christian I believe people should be treated with respect…”

I agree!  Amen to that Mr. President!

After the President of the US says such a thing and then goes on to explain his position that he also believes privately owned companies need to provide healthcare and states that he hopes the Supreme Court rules in his favor he said “…we need to strike the right balance to ensure women have access to healthcare…”

To do what Mr. President? Provide them with the means to murder their babies?  Come on now.  If you’re a Christian who believes all people should be treated with respect how can you believe its okay to murder babies? Don’t you respect babies Mr. President?

We’ve been following the Hobby Lobby case from the beginning and so we’re asking our readers to continue in their diligence to pray someone isn’t forced to pay for murdering babies. The case was heard earlier this week (Tuesday) at the Supreme Court.  Word on the street is that we can expect their decision around June 2014. You can read the latest at US News.

As a Christian I’m appalled anyone would condone abortion.  As a mother…it literally rips my heart out.

Pray for clarity of mind and pray for the babies. Judge Sotomayor compared abortions to vaccinations…ugh.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

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