1 Thessalonians 5:21 “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good”.

Over the next few days we’re exploring some of the standout mistakes in Mormonism. Today we’re beginning with the nefarious witchcraft activities of Joe Smith. No matter what the Church does in the future, they can’t change their past.

Our image shows how the Church has tried to hide Smith’s active participation in his evil deeds by rewriting their sacred canon. After the original witnesses apostatized, the Church rewrote the narrative which is seen in D&C 8.

This revelation was a message from God to Oliver Cowdery taken from the text of D&C 8:6-9. Oliver requested for Smith to ask God if he’d have anything special for him to do in the Church.

The revelation in the Book of Commandments told Cowdery to rely upon the rod to receive power from God. They subsequently dubbed it ‘the Rod of Aaron’, in reality however, it was nothing but a divining rod. Today Mormons wear a version of this in various jewelry items, but the latter-day version of the Rod of Aaron looks nothing like the original.

A divining rod was a magical instrument used in the early 19th century to locate buried treasures. Both Joseph Smith, and his father, were active members of the Divining Rodsmen Club of Vermont at the time.

If God gave this revelation to Smith, why did the Church try to hide it?

Does this mean it’s not inspired of God?

If it’s not from God, who, or what, inspired Smith?

In addition to the divining rod, Joe Smith stated every man should have a seer stone.

Does this mean his repentance of frivolous boyhood schemes wasn’t sincere?

Why haven’t any of the Mormon prophets after Smith used a seer stone?

In our next submission, we’re checking out Smith’s claims of Moroni magically appearing in his bedroom on the night of the autumnal equinox. Coincidence??? Hmmm….