Helen Radkey’s Investigation into Polygamous Mormon Temple Marriages

01 October

Today I received an incredibly cool e-mail from a researcher and writer based in Salt Lake City that I’ve admired for years now.  Her reports have exposed the Church’s practice of posthumous baptisms for the dead even after the Church has publicly announced they’ve stopped. Helen Radkey sent me a PDF version of her latest report on the inner workings of the Mormon Church’s polygamy endowments that are taking place inside Mormon temples even today.

As I sat dumbfounded reading her 19 page report I wondered how or why it is LDS Inc. continues to engage in doublespeak. They’re so far removed from the ways of basic honesty, not to mention Christianity, it makes one wonder how they sleep at night.

I’ll be writing about this further in the near future so be on the lookout for an update, but for now I’d like to present you with the report Ms. Radkey sent to me and the cover letter she’s sent out introducing her work on this project.

I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed when you read her intense investigative work on what the Church is doing behind closed doors by baptizing murderers and performing posthumous polygamous marriages for the worst of the worst in humanity…and why they continue to lie. I reported on this when Romney was running for office early last year and the comment from the Church amazed me then as it does now.  Why are they still doing this if they insist it’s not going on? 

“We believe that marriage is the most important relationship in this life and can continue after this life when performed in a temple. Temple marriages — also known as sealings — are performed only for those married in this life,”  –  Michael Purdy – church spokesman

Her cover letter is below and you can read her report here

Helen Radkey’s Mormon marriage: “Between a man and a woman” for the living — polygamy for the dead

The LDS Church has renounced polygamy politically, but it has never done so theologically.

Present-day Mormon officials insist that marriage is only “between a man and a woman.”

Mormon Newsroom – Church Responds to Supreme Court Marriage Rulings

Salt Lake Tribune – Mormons Join Hawaii’s Gay Marriage Fight, but with a New Approach

The impetus provided for this 19-page report is the lack of logical consistency in the current Mormon attitude toward marriage. LDS leaders publicly assert that marriage should be a conventional, one man/one woman affair. Yet, in sealing rooms in Mormon temples, many marriage rites are anything but conventional. Polygamy is a key Mormon marital yardstick in the life hereafter, and Mormons are performing a plethora of polygamous rites by proxy for the dead. LDS officials seem to be dodging the polygamous content of LDS temple rites when they insist that marriage is solely “between a man and a woman.”

Mormon polygamy, both past and present, is summarized in my report, which specifically focuses on plural marriage sealings by proxy. Polygamous data on a sizeable selection of entries, involving hundreds of names, has been downloaded from LDS databases, and has been meticulously scrutinized and explained.

LDS management has gone to extreme lengths to conceal details of online proxy temple rites from public viewing, claiming these rites are private. Despite a desperate technological clampdown by LDS Church officials in early 2012 to prevent researchers from accessing controversial Mormon temple data, via New FamilySearch (the online proxy database of the LDS Church), sufficient research had already been gathered to “lift the lid” off polygamy in Mormon temples.

Several records referred to in this report have been scanned: 1. The secret marriage sealing for the eleventh president of the LDS Church, Harold B. Lee. 2. The polygamous sealings for early Mormon gunslinger, Orrin Porter Rockwell, who was posthumously “married” to his mother in a Mormon temple in 2010.

PDF copies of these two records are available. If anyone is interested in obtaining copies of these records, please email me. Restrictions will apply to their usage.

Helen Radkey


Salt Lake City, UT


(801) 272-3060

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