Heavenly Mother Goddess Wife

ishtar1A key belief in the foundation of Mormonism is the theory everyone is literally begotten by a heavenly mother and father in a pre-mortal existence.  This polygamous marital union is made up of one exalted man now god who has multiple goddess wives and they beget spirit babies who grow to maturity and then are given birth to in human form by our parents here on earth.

Mormons aren’t given the name of their particular mother, nor are they encouraged to pray to her as she serves no other role other than propagating the species.

You can learn more about the Mormon belief system and their mother in heaven in the articles below.

Asherah & the Heavenly Mother of Mormonism

Comparison of the Babylonian fertility goddess and the Heavenly Mother of Mormonism

King & Queens in Embryo

Role of Heavenly Mother in the Mormon Godhead

Thought of the day about the Salt Lake Tribune article in 2013 describing the role of the Mormon Heavenly Mother and why her presence in the Trinity is blasphemous

The Heavenly Mother of Mormonism

The Making of Mormon Spirit Babies

Ed Decker & Michelle Grim team up to write a thought provoking expose` on the logistics of this utopian Mormon teaching

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