BordersI promised myself not to get involved in watching national news because I get a tad bit emotional…and then I broke my own promise.

After forgiving John Kerry’s comment when he said America isn’t exceptional, I’m having second thoughts on trying to keep my reactions in check.  So I did it – I started talking back to my television set again.  I promised I’d stop doing that even though no one ever knew, and I watched an entire national news show. Bad idea, bad, bad, bad.  My heart rate goes up, my productivity for work goes down and then I have to repent…

I’m hoping that with Reid’s latest brouhaha, people will begin to wonder not just about his public reasoning skills, but his private ones as well.

After a weekly Democrat luncheon yesterday Harry Reid publicly announced ‘the border is secure’.

Why would anyone in their right mind say that the American borders are secure when America has a humanitarian crisis going on? America of all places…

My local news here in Seattle reported they’re shipping the illegal immigrants up here to JBLM – Joint Base Lewis-McChord, to house them.  I find that deplorable considering we just shut down two major Army Units this year, eliminating 811 jobs for lack of funding.

How is the border secure when you’re shipping illegals over 1,500 miles because there’s no room for them in Texas?

Maybe, just maybe, people will connect the dots between Harry’s political reasoning and his religious ones.  The Mormon Church’s rationale tells members ‘not to look behind the curtain’ lest they figure out what’s really going on, thus the multiple essays they keep releasing.

It reminds me of when Smith kept lying about practicing polygamy for nine years before his death telling people ‘there’s nothing going on here’.

One more thought…

Why would anyone want to come here if America isn’t exceptional?