John 19:30 ‘…It is finished…’

Today we pray you share the truth about the meaning of Good Friday with the Mormon you know!

Share why this is the one event that changed everything, for everyone.

This weekend Mormons everywhere will stay home from church and listen to their leaders who give talks at General Conference.

Their focus won’t be on the ultimate sacrifice of God’s Son because it’d mean everything they do is for naught. As a result, the majority will stay home and not attend any services at all. It’s rather ironic a so-called Christian church would lock the meeting house, and temple doors on such an important Christian weekend. For more info see our article Why Mormons Can’t Observe Good Friday

When you have the opportunity please share how Jesus’ death on the cross changed your personal life!

We’ll be posting summaries of the conference early next week.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18