God’s Condemnation on Sinners in Mormon Bible Video

06 September

Today I watched a three minute video on what looks like an LDS remake of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

In the story taken from Luke 8:1-11, we find the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus for blasphemy and on this day while they’re calling Him Master, remember the day before this they referred to Him as a deceiver. The court of Pharisees brought a woman in front of Jesus who had been caught in adultery. They unceremoniously condemned her while asking Jesus what His thoughts were on this situation.

As Christians we all know the rest of the story and I for one have taken refuge many times in the shadow of her example and Jesus’ forgiveness.  Can we all praise Him and hear a mighty amen?!  Where would we be if not for His grace?

The Mormon Jesus on the other hand extends no such mercy or forgiveness to the desperate woman.  You can also read about their condemnation in the LDS prophet Spencer Kimball’s book Miracle of Forgiveness. 

In this video the scene opens up to a cement world of what looks like their interpretation of a Jewish temple and a courtyard outside the temple with a cement floor.  The Mormon Jesus kneels down and pretends to draw on the cement (I’m serious) and then tells the woman to sin no more.

No forgiveness, no grace, no mercy, no compassion, no love.  That is the scene on the video and that’s the scene in the Book of Mormon, D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. It’s also the scene of the Mormon Church’s interpretation of the Bible.

I guess they don’t have any other alternative when you don’t believe God is mighty enough to preserve His word let alone forgive someone who’s guilty of adultery.

It makes me wonder if this Mormon god is judging Smith and the other polygamous leaders on the same standard their Jesus judged that woman.  You can watch the video here.

The Church’s teachings remind me of the Pharisees’ attitude. One day they’re calling Him by a respectful name and the next day they’ll do the exact opposite, or vice versa.  Why call Him Jesus and why use the Bible if you don’t think any of it is true?

It’s too bad they’ll sit and watch a fairy-tale video of the Mormon Jesus but wouldn’t watch the Passion of the Christ…

Michelle Grim

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  1. Nick Walton June 7, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    It’s ironic that you can find so much fault with a video that is a direct quote from the KJV of the bible. Is it possible you are grasping at straws?

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