The title of our post today was the subject of one of Henry Eyring’s speeches at General Conference this past weekend. We pulled this from the Salt Lake Tribune’s article on some of the Conference highlights. You can read the Trib’s entire article at God Picks Mormon Leaders and He Never Gets It Wrong Eyring Says.

Check out a couple of the questionable things he had to say this time. We’ll highlight the speeches of Uchtdorf, and other leaders in the upcoming few days. Here we go with Eyring’s thoughts!

‘God chooses the men he wants to lead the LDS Church — and it’s never a mistake.’

I’m sure the first thought in my head about this was the same as yours!

If the Mormon god doesn’t make mistakes when he calls another leader, what’s the deal with the GA the Church just axed last August?

Mr. Eyring also shared some personal feelings he obviously harbors inside and carries around with him. His words should be a major wakeup call to anyone heeding his leadership –

‘That is equally true in local Mormon congregations, Eyring said. “I try not to judge servants of the Lord or to speak of their apparent weakness.”‘

Does this mean he’s already judging members, and talks about their weaknesses? Is this the sign of a righteous leader? Why would he say this if it weren’t true? He went on to talk of how Mormons spiritually tie themselves to their leaders…

‘There is a “thread that binds us to the Lord in our service,” … It takes faith and humility to serve in the place to which we are called, to trust that the Lord called us and those who preside over us, and to sustain them with full faith.”’

The Only One that should be presiding over us in a priesthood capacity is Christ Jesus and Him crucified. This is simply because Jesus is the Only legitimate holder of the priesthood. His priesthood is non-transferrable, and an office of one.

Hebrews 7:24 declares

‘But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood’.

The transliteration for unchangeable is aparabatos which means non-transferrable. Notice how the text reads – it says he hath [meaning Jesus has], an unchangeable priesthood.

Only Jesus holds the Melchizedek Priesthood, so why do Mormons spiritually tie themselves to fallible men?

Why haven’t they committed themselves to the sinless Lamb of God? Jesus is the only One who is blameless and without sin. Hebrews 7:26

Furthermore, it sounds like they’re preparing members for a new prophet…

The bottom line in this story is scary! Mormons are being told to accept whomever it is they call to fill the shoes of the next leaders with full confidence and faith.

This means the faith they have is in man, not God. The Jesus of Mormonism is but a byproduct of the goods they’re trying to sell.