God Reproduces after His Own Kind – Mormon Quotes

Adam, Who Is He, pg. 54; The Almighty, in creating various forms of life, commanded all to reproduce after their own kind. Man also was commanded to reproduce himself. He could bring forth only after his kind according to the law of God, and he was “after the kind” or order of his Eternal Father in heaven. No lower forms were involved… This is interesting in view of the previous scripture in which all life was commanded to reproduce only after its own kind. Now he says that all forms of life remained in the sphere in which he created them. There was no transfer from one species to another.” – Mark Petersen

Galatians 3:26For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

I often wonder what the leaders of Mormonism think when they die and see God face to face.  Talk about scary.

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