Well if you haven’t heard Glenn Beck is going on yet another “tour” where he will attempt to blur the lines between Christianity and Mormonism to the unknowing populace.

As part of his”Restoring Love” campaign he visited HighPoint Church in Arlington, TX


In his speech he stated, “I have seen the ravages of alcoholism, and family despair. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. I am proud to say with the atonement I have conquered it in my own life.”

His comments are met with a thunderous applause of course, and I just have to wonder if these people really know what they’re applauding for. Do they know that the Mormon atonement is you do your best and Jesus will do the rest after all you’ve done? Do they really understand what the Christian atonement is, that it’s the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ?

Why are Christians so willing to eat up everything this guy says without considering where he gets his theology from? Are they really that naive? And what is the pastor thinking relinquishing his pulpit to a non-Christian Mormon for the day?  So many questions run through my mind as I read and hear about stories like this. It’s frustrating to me that people are so easily duped by someone just because he mentions the name of Jesus.

I wish those Christians who follow him could understand that the Jesus he speaks of isn’t the one we have our hope in. And the god Glenn worships is by far not the everlasting eternal God of the bible. The sad thing is I know the Christians who like this guy would say that I was being mean and hateful for not supporting Glenn in his endeavor to make America a better place.

I guess it’s easier for them to just go along with the crowd than it is to take the time to sit down and look at what he’s actually saying about what he believes.

In Chrsit,

Melissa Grimes