Giving Thanks to God First Presidency Message

09 August

Mormon apostle Henry Erying gave the “First Presidency Message” for the Church this month (August 2013) and in his declaration I found an interesting item to take note of. The name of the article is “Recognize, Remember and Give Thanks”.

Taringa-Nui Tongan Fishing god 1While his message was the same ol’, same ol’, for the Mormon people what I found interesting was at the bottom of the page I was reading. There I discovered in the LDS children’s version of his message, a cut-out activity.

In a collection of squares are drawings symbolizing different nations.  One of these squares contained a Tongan god by the name of Taringa-Nui who ia a fishing god.

I can understand and appreciate reaching out to your intended audience, I get that. I also understand you need to make modifications so you can appeal to people of all ages.  But why you would use symbols of gods you don’t believe in just doesn’t sound practical, or godly.

If you’re a Christian why would you encourage your kids or young audience to use imagery of foreign godsTaringa Nui Tongan Fishing god in their activities to thank God?  They won’t use a cross for anything, but they’ll use the symbol of a foreign fishing god to teach about their god.  Interesting…

I’m praying the kids who get their hands on this thing will wonder why this is representative of Tonga.  Surely Tonga has other things that would better describe their beautiful country and people than a wood carving of a false god.

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