General Conferences

Every six months (April and October) the LDS Church holds a General Conference in Salt Lake City.

These all important conferences are filled with speeches from the General Authorities (prophet and apostles, as well as Relief Society president, etc) who deliver inspirational reminders of how church members should behave. The main theme each time they do this is to declare their prophet Joseph Smith was chosen of God to make salvation available to mankind.

Because the conferences are broadcasted worldwide Mormon ward buildings are locked tight and their typical Sunday services are cancelled.  Members are strongly encouraged to either attend the conference or stay home and watch it on their televisions.

The conference talks are subsequently made available on their website within a few days as well as printed in their monthly publication of the Ensign.

We typically highlight one or two of the talks each time they’re held so below you’ll find a selection of what we’ve found interesting!


Dissenting Votes at General Conference April 2015

For the first time since the ’80’s people stood up to give a vote of no-confidence when electing the general officers for another year. Did their vote count or even matter? We don’t know yet!

General Conference April 2015 Quotes

We’ve highlighted just 3 of the more interesting talks given at conference in April 2015. Be fruitful and multiply, using Jesus discourse about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and Monson’s talk on having the spirit of temple worship were the topics we focused on this time around.


October 2014 Dieter Uchtdorf’s Message Receiving a Testimony

This Mormon apostle wants people to believe when members receive a testimony they’re witnesses for God. Truth: the testimonies of Mormons all mimic each other and aren’t witnesses for God, but witnesses for Mormonism.

General Conference October 2014

3 lies told by 3 LDS leaders at GC in October 2014. Following the prophet is always right, the Church has continuing revelation and Adam is a Christian.

Elder Bednar’s Message to Non-Members of the Church October 2014

Bednar addressed non-members worldwidw to explain what Mormon missionaries are doing.  We’re wondering if the non-members were alerted?

October 2014 Elder Jörg Klebingat’s Message Selective Blessings

October 2014 Elder Jörg Klebingat’s Message Applying Atonement

October 2014 Elder  Jörg Klebingat’s Message Really, Really Forgive

The 3 links above provide info on the message ‘Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence’ provided by Jörg Klebingat at the October 2014 General Conference. His message contradicted the title of his message as well as the Bible.

The series was published on our blog so by clicking on the links above you’ll be redirected to another URL.

General Conference April 2014/Lies Mormon Kids are Told

A look at the New Era Magazine that’s published for the Mormon  youth and the lies they’re fed about God, their prophets and how their dead relatives can help them today.


General Conference October 2013/Members Told to Doubt Their Doubts

Telling people who are thinking of leaving that they should doubt their doubts and telling people the Church has made mistakes should be a red flag to everyone who’s in Mormonism or thinking about joining Mormonism!

General Conference October 2013/Purchasing Your Way into Heaven

How do you trust these men when they  admit they’ve made mistakes in the past and they don’t reveal the truth about where tithes go?

General Conference October 2013/Mormon Membership Hits 15M

General Conference April 2013/Women Pray at GC, Elaine Dalton says Virtue is Most Important


General Conference October 2012/A Message of Jesus Mormons Won’t Hear

General Conference April 2012/Living Prophet

General Conference October 2011 Pt 2/The End is not Near

General Conference October 2011/No Ordinary Blessing?


General Conference April 2011


General Conference October 2010/Overcoming through Mormon Priesthood


General Conference October 2008/Modest Dress Invites the Holy Ghost

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