‘If Jesus ever gave us a command He could not enable us to fulfil, He would be a liar; and if we make our inability a barrier to obedience, it means we are telling God there is something He has not taken into account. Every element of self reliance must be slain by the power of God.’ Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, May 5th

It’s my urgent prayer the Mormon people would heed God’s call, and be saved. There are no words in the English language to efficiently describe the sorrow in my heart knowing their fate if they continue on the path they’ve trodden upon. It seems as if their leaders words become worse with time, albeit there’s little room left at the bottom of that barrel.

Today we’re looking at the Church’s incessant try at controlling the thought life of all people, as well as two talks beginning with their top apostle, Henry Eyring. His words are a mockery towards the Lord God. It’s obvious he’s proficient in biblical phrases, and has used his knowledge to lead my people to Satan’s doorstep.

Talk #5

Henry B. Eyring Try, Try, Try

“My reassurance is this: the loving God who allowed these tests for you also designed a sure way to pass through them. Heavenly Father so loved the world that He sent His Beloved Son to help us. 2 His Son, Jesus Christ, gave His life for us. Jesus Christ bore in Gethsemane and on the cross the weight of all our sins. He experienced all the sorrows, the pains, and the effects of our sins so that He could comfort and strengthen us through every test in life.3


God the Father didn’t just send His Son here to ‘help us’. It’s also blasphemous to lie about your own doctrine. Mormonism does NOT believe Jesus died for sin on the cross. Their own canon says he did this in Gethsemane – D&C 19:18. How could Jesus give His life for us in Gethsemane if He hadn’t died yet? Furthermore, there are 3 sins in Mormonism the blood of Jesus can’t cover. Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, murder, and apostasy.

“You remember that the Lord said to His servants:

“The Father and I are one. I am in the Father and the Father in me; and inasmuch as ye have received me, ye are in me and I in you.

“Wherefore, I am in your midst, and I am the good shepherd, and the stone of Israel. He that buildeth upon this rock shall never fall.”4


How could this happen if Joe Smith’s claims are true? According to his theory, a complete apostasy took place, thus the need for a restoration. How do you trust a god that already broke his promise?

How could Jesus be in the Father if they’re separate beings?

Beloved friends, pay close attention to what Mr. Eyring says next…

“Our prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, has also given that same assurance. Moreover, he described a way we might build upon that rock and put the Lord’s name upon our hearts to guide us through our trials.


Moreover? Wow, oh, wow…

Build upon Jesus’ rock?

1.Jesus alone is the Rock. How does one go about building upon Jesus? Is He not complete enough?

2.We cannot put the Lord’s name on our own hearts! God wrote His law upon our hearts – Jeremiah 31:31-33. Nice twisting of something you’ve rejected Mr. Eyring.

“…You are a son or daughter created in His image, entitled through your worthiness to receive revelation to help with your righteous endeavors. You may take upon you the holy name of the Lord. You can qualify to speak in the sacred name of God (see D&C 1:20).”5


‘You can qualify to speak in the sacred name of God’? Really? Mr. Eyring just told them they were entitled through worthiness to receive revelation, but then said they can qualify to speak in the name of God? This does not make sense my friend!

Talk #6

To keep this short, we’re looking at just one thing Ms. Cordon said in her talk at the conference. To read the transcript in full, see link below.

Bonnie H. Cordon, Becoming a Shepherd

“Sisters and brothers, each of you matter. Even if you are not spoken of in general conference, the Savior knows you and loves you. If you wonder if that is true, you need only contemplate that He has “graven [you] upon the palms of [His] hands.”1


The reference Mrs. Cordon used was taken from 1 Nephi 21:16. It’s one of the many plagiarisms found in the Book of Mormon.

“Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.”

Joseph Smith lifted this from Isaiah 49:16 which says; “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” This was a promise God gave to His people through Isaiah that He’d never forget them, and their every need was always before Him.

Tragically, as we’re all aware, this isn’t how the Mormon god operates. D&C 130:22-23.


If they don’t believe the Bible has been translated correctly, why did Mrs. Cordon frequently refer to it in her talk, and why does the BoM plagiarize it?

Pray for those who listened to what this woman said, and be sure to ask the Mormon in your life what they think.

Talk #7

Russell Nelson, The Correct Name of the Church

Suffice it to say, Mr. Nelson’s talk was on making sure everyone is aware of the new ‘style guide’ on how to properly use the name of their church. Mr. Nelson wasn’t alone when hammering home how important it is to not forget they’ve disavowed any, and all references, to Mormon, Mormonism, etc.

As a side note, even the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir got a new title. Kirk and I heard the news on the radio while on a trip to Minneapolis during their conference. The local news reported the Church wants everyone to stop using the phrase, ‘Mormon Tabernacle Choir’. The new name is now ‘The Tabernacle Choir’.

The Church might want to alert Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, to fix their search engines. Three days after the conference, Google is still using the word, ‘Mormon’. We found it quite sad the Church’s focus is so myopic that they’d use such a large platform telling everyone to stop using the term Mormon instead of preaching Christ Jesus, and Him crucified. Pray for all Mormons to see the futility in such things.

“All heaven is interested in the cross of Christ, all hell terribly afraid of it, while men are the only beings who more or less ignore its meaning.” –– Oswald Chambers

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18