General Conference October 2011

As you might already know, the semi-annual LDS General Conference will be held October 1-2, 2011.

Twice a year the Mormon Church holds conferences to hear the prophet and other leaders whom the Lord has called to lead the Church.  They give inspirational messages and sometimes new prophecies from the Lord, although the latter hasn’t happened since June of 1978.

On the LDS website I was reading the message from President Uchtdorf which was a note of encouragement to members of the Church.  The Mormonwiki site also said that conferences are a time for members to receive personal revelation from God.

What I found interesting is how they use the term “personal revelation from God”.

For the Christian, personal revelation from God means that God spoke to you personally and has given you direction of what to do with your life.  It isn’t a broad based message given by man to remind you to obey a certain prophet or manmade organization.  Yet, we find with the Church the conferences held are a time for members to receive their personal revelation and “decide to listen carefully and follow the teachings that are given”.

In other words, you can have a personal revelation to obey man, but not a personal revelation of what God wants for you to do.

A few years ago I received an e-mail from a gentleman who wrote in to let me know about his experience at a General Conference when the prophet was telling members their revelation meant they had to obey the prophets.

The conference he was attending was in 1978 when Spencer Kimball spoke about the change in blacks holding the priesthood.  The Mormon prophet was asking members to sustain the revelation by voting to accept blacks into the priesthood.  And since the prophet was God’s mouthpiece it was a good idea for all to follow what the prophet had to say.

It occurred to this man that if God wanted the Church to specifically do something then God certainly didn’t need a sustaining vote from members of his church.  While everyone was raising their hands to agree to the prophecy, this guy got up and walked out of the meeting.

Praise God!

As the Mormon people close the doors to their ward buildings this weekend, pray that they’ll open their Bibles to see what God will reveal to them.

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim